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Lightales Photography via Mori, 17



Cronopios is a bright dance of two stars that come alive for four hands, two heads and a single body.
Two creatures interpenetrating, if odorano, dance, merge.
A sensual journey of snakes winding with musical soul in a cosmos of stars.
A milky way, a constellation of eyes that open and close.
A come and go, a pick up and leave, a lost and found, a swing and tap.
Cronopios steals Cortazar his name. Julio defines his creations as out designs from the margins, poetry without rhyme. green Creatures, aqueous, The idealistic disordinate.
They feed on old sounds, legends and shade of trees.
They look at eachother, you listen, They can be breathed in circle as the Cyclops.
I have Cronopios behavior of poets, of antisocial.
They lose their heads when they fall in love, stop writing on paper and begin to write poetry anywhere, even in the firmament.



Eclectic and versatile, a complete artist who finds his home in the art, his refuge, its playground.
He has lived and continues to live a thousand lives through the characters he plays, videos which creates, collaborations with artists from around the world.
photography, painters, sculptors, writers, videomaker, musicians, etc. become his arms, legs, hands ... more extensions of a creative choral embrace.



Stefano Tommasi is a freelance photographer, a poet of the image.
He began his career of artistic research in 2006.Frequenta technical training courses in Milan and Florence and follows its experimentation in the field of conceptual photography.
Winner of the second prize jury, the national contest "Premio Cascella 2012 ”. He exhibited his works throughout Italy and, recently, in France.
It nel 2016, photographer of "Haberowski" project Alessandro Haber. Participate, with the work "Bla bla bla", the competition Magnum Photography Awards 2016, art category. With the same work,He won the first prize of "Simultaneously Porcari 2016".
Exposes Carmaux ( France ), the new project "The dreams of the mind".
It is inserted in the archive of the self Italian photo (MUSINF), along with famous names in Italian photography.