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Anamorfosi cinetica – Prassinoscopio

Inspired by the pre-cinema machine from which it takes its name, Alessandro Panzetti wanted to highlight the functional aspect of compositional simulation of enhancing the dynamism of movement capable geometries, when observing the building work, creating combinations of shapes absolutely not random and, when it is in rotation, the same shapes become a fundamental part of a three-dimensional hypnotic kaleidoscope in the cyclical nature of the movement.

The Praxinoscope is a pre-cinema machine that was born in 1876 to create the illusion of movement of the static figures. This my Praxinoscope wants to overturn the functionality or, at least, make it reversible: when the machine is at a standstill, the phases are compositional elements of a space and their aggregation it therefore constitutes the architecture, the aesthetics or the decomposition of the movement becomes the compositional criteria of space, criterion which is, however, revealed only when the machine is in motion and illuminated by a light button: in this logic, the rotation of the disc thus assumes a subordinate functionality because it serves to reveal the compositional criterion of a space as happens nell'anamorfosi perspective when viewing the work from the right point of view. The praxinoscope, with this in mind, It is similar to anamorphosis because it too requires an observation condition that allows to reveal the shape (as its etymology from the greek Anamorphosis, comp. in ana- 'New' and morphe 'form') to know the reason for being.