Via del Pigneto, 22

Dal tramonto all’alba

Placing itself beetwen Urban Light and Light Desing, ...Dal Tramonto all’Alba… It is an operation that rewrites a courtyard in Via del Pigneto, creating a dense, bright and picturesque landscape...Dal Tramonto all’Alba… It captures the natural colors of light visible in the sky in the two moments of its glory, sunset and sunrise, creating a powerful chromatic dynamic that redefines the meaning and functions. Urban space is charged with epidermal meanings that speak directly to the body of the beholder: eyes, skin, thought, emotion. The orange and blue, hot and cold, the beginning and the end: ...Dal Tramonto all’Alba… it uses light and color to spread out all the possible implications of space,, which stop to be a place and becomes a veritable organ of narration,, imagination, experience.

Anonima Lights is a lighting design studio based in Milan founded by Alberto Wise and Stefania Kalogeropoulos. Alberto is an industrial designer specializing in Lighting Design, Stefania is an architect specialized in Lighting and Design Exhibition. Both individually collaborate with design studios developing projects for the luxury retail, hospitality, cultural heritage and residential, etc. In 2018 They decided to combine their technical and design skills by founding the study of Anonima Lighting Lights, dealing with light at 360 degrees, from the product to the project,, dedicating an important part to the experimentation more linked to Art and to the emotional aspect of light..