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Largo Pedestrian between Via and Via Gabrino Fondulo Pigneto



Real back explores the contrast that we are living in "digital culture" today: a life and digital identity that fills our depriving space weather.
The circle at the center of the system makes the interactive installation: the viewer enters their presence, his face, choosing where to stand and how to act and interact over time and space.
At the center of the system will intercept projections and sounds contrived, digital and interactive, which allow the viewer to interact and manipulate reality.
Images, soundscape of reality, nature "immobile", landscapes that are altered by following the cycle of the seasons, living entities that change according to the cycle of life and death.
A time machine that works in the present, because the past is the result.


Luca Cataldo aka Ka:lu

Luca Cataldo (Ka:lu) It is a multimedia artist who focuses his audiovisual installation works, large projections, the vjing, music production and DJing.
Each of his creations is always a story behind that aims to provide aesthetic travel by providing an immersive experience for a diverse audience.
The artist is finishing his latest Ep which will soon be published on Stingray Vision Recording.