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Centro Cultural Space Empire, Via Bullicante Water 133



The idea of ​​this work is based on “Shishi-odoshi”, a device made of bamboo which is located in the typical Japanese gardens, that tilts while water fills and emits a sound when this hits the stone on the ground.
The sound from the bamboo cane, originally used to scare animals, It is reworked by the artist who transforms it and converts it into light.
Finding beauty in the simple things is a Japanese aesthetic concept. Leaving inspired by the concept of "MA" - translated as "space" by the Japanese, but also as the interval that elapses between two structural parts - the artist reflects on the surface tension of water and the force of gravity.
This small installation puts the emphasis on elegance of a drop of water and its volume, from which the work is named.


Yasuhiro Chida

Yasuhiro Chida, born in 1977 a Kanagawa, in Japan. He graduated in architecture at the Musashino Art University.
It 'the first Asian artist selected for the SIGNAL, the largest arts festival in the Czech Republic.
He participated at the Amsterdam Light Festival, one of the biggest festivals of the light of the world.
He collaborates with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).
His research ranges from the boundaries of art and science.