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Via del Pigneto civic height 108



The truncated tree represents an interruption of existing reality.
The basic thought of the intervention proposed is the game to continue with the fantasy a pre-existing reality.
Imagining the near future in which humans will have the opportunity to recreate the memory through technology, Also the branches of a dead tree can temporarily revive, like a distant echo that fills actually severed.
The projection of artificial smoke is visible from the observation point marked on the ground with an X, only at that point the prospect of the canopy corresponds with the memory of the same.


Fabrizio Cicero

Siciliano Artist, classroom 1982. It uses different techniques including painting, drawing, photography and video.
He graduated in Film Technology at the University of Messina, specializing in camera at the IED in Rome, from the 2007 al 2011 is assistant to Maestro Alberto Di Fabio.
In 2012 also he approaches the world of theater as a lighting designer, experience that makes him deepen the artistic interest towards the three-dimensionality and its interactions with the light.
Among the most important exhibitions, in 2016 "Lafuria" at the Institute of Culture in Krakow by Josue Precious, "Asyndeton" at the Rivara Castle edited by Franz Paludetto and 2017 "Contesting the obvious" at the Laboratory Museum of Rome Sapienza edited by Helia Hamedani.