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Metro C station Pigneto



The protagonists of the great social and educational impact are water and plastic, two components perpetually united in common ordinariness of each of us.
Themes are supporting the preservation and protection of water, collective good but still not accessible to all, too often wasted, and the massive consumption of plastic, to which each object of daily use is associated, causing a disastrous pollution.
The wall installation, It composed of circe 1000 transparent plastic bottles filled with water recycling charged at the place, directly by the "noses" of Rome, It is illuminated by a dynamic default color via RGB LEDs.
The artists create a work of art as "transient", a sensory environment that leads the viewer to reflect on contemporary social issues.
At the end of the festival the water will be returned to the river Romano and the recycled plastic system.



The CHRONO group arises spontaneously after the first rehearsal to RGB Light Experience 2017 on the basis of friendship between Andrea Daly and Federico Cecchi, who share the interest in art, specific technical skills, passion to create emotions in people through their.
The group's name comes from the greek Kronos - time, which it is the cornerstone of their work.
Since the end of 2017 the group has added Roberto Sassoli, ambivalent, artist and technician.