Parco Giordano Sangalli

H2O (Arch of 'water)

H2O is a collaborative project of Burningmax with the Roman community of Burning Man (Roman Burners) and the support of the Roman art scene artists (Friends). Opera site-specific per RGB 2019, it will also participate in the European festival circuit in Burning Man 2020.

H2O starts from the relationship with the territory to articulate a political statement word through artistic and interactive technologies language (#artivismo). The installation takes the typical architectural elements of the Roman aqueducts while raising social and environmental issues such as water emergency, consumption and pollution from plastic, and the role of corporations in the global water crisis. H2O interacts with the audience thanks to LED inside the structure and a sound environment controlled by Arduino, sensors and mapping software.

Massimo Burgio by the late '80s he is expressed creatively with various formats, from photography to electronic music, contemporary art. Since 2003 It develops various projects for the Burning Man community, hence its nickname Burningmax. His recent artistic production is a form of #artivismo, social activism through art: Orwell Monegros Project, in the trenches of the Spanish Civil War; Apelles for the fourteenth edition of Land Art Campi Flegrei, The Zone in the Tuscan woods for the Italian community of Burning Man, 50 Shades of Green, experiential installation dedicated to the culture cannabica.