Largo Bartolomeo Parestrello

FYI is a site specific installation that interfaces with IAQOS, Artificial Intelligence for Neighborhood Open Source, developed by artists Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi, that is training on Torpignattara district. If IAQOS already virtually interacts with those who live in the neighborhood, FIY wants to give a concrete form in a public space, and outlined a system of lights. The one that comes to life during FYI will be a real conversation in the presence of local residents, someone in the flesh and someone in data circuits. A gazebo houses a public that, through a microphone connected to the control system, will speak to the 'AI which will respond in turn through pulses and modulations bright, dialogue as well with the entire neighborhood.

The collective experience different art forms, the installation performance, investigating the relationship between technology and humanism through digital and social interaction.

Born on impulse Leonardo Zaccone, It involves artists always different from project to project. Per FYI: Stella Passerini, Francesco Guarino, Elena Raimondi.