Via della Marranella, 13


From a collaboration between the Roman artist Daniele Sigalot and Creative Lab Chirale, ENOUGH was born, a luminous installation that makes the time its raw material. ENOUGH is a timed work that wants to last long enough.. How much? Only one thousand years. A countdown of 31556908800 seconds, managed by a digital system designed specifically for the work that never stops counting, also from unlit. The great trial, with its numbers from the red light, lead to an act of faith: this time not in reality but in how acquiescent in the art and its imaginative capacity. In ENOUGH Time is precious and becomes matter conceptualistic and physical work also recalling the History of Art in which, in all ages, Time is one of the most recurring elements.

Daniele Sigalot (Roma, 1976). In 2010 He opens in Berlin on his studio-workshop dubbed "La Pizzeria", operational until 2018. Since January 2019 he moved to Naples, opening "New Pizzeria". The focus of his research revolves around the ambiguity between the perception of the materials used and their real nature, by contrast a key to all his works.