“Overflow” is a site-specific multimedia installation which develops the theme of "Nature" by simulating spatial evolution on the map of Rome and Pigneto, of a very special organism: il Physarum Polycephalum. This particular single-celled mold is endowed with extraordinary intelligence and memory skills – albeit devoid of a nervous system – making it the subject of many scientific and artistic studies.

The map on which the’RGB travels and expands, it is the perfect terrain in which to test the skills of the Physarum, reinterpreted in a situationist key through psychogeographic maps and the drift technique proposed by Guy Debord.

By identifying the places where the RGB truck will pass and stop to screen the works, the system will create the nourishment necessary for the Physarum to evolve, leaving the command of simulation to innate wisdom in basic forms of nature. This suggests that the respect and observation of these processes is essential for a harmonious evolution on the planet.


Federico Petrei studied New Technologies for the Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (2007-2010) and earned a Master's degree in Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex University in London (2011). After two years of work as a video technician e internship-designer in England, from the 2010 al 2012, continued his Visual and 3D career Motion Designer in the vjing and multimedia arts collective "Deltaprocess", which he founded in 2009. His artistic production is extremely varied. In fact, it ranges from video-scenography for cultural and fashion events, to visuals and screenings for electronic music festivals around the world. From multimedia works, immersive and interactive for art exhibitions Contemporary, with cinematic special effects (through the video-mapping technique) in productions for films and music videos. Conceptually, its focus is on reconnect – through multimedia interactivity – a deep and lost connection between man and technology, perceiving this as an extension of one's body and of own mind. (www.deltaprocess.it)

Raoul Battilani is a 3D artist, visual effects supervisor and musician. Always passionate about music and video, from the 1995 he devotes himself full time to the study of 3D art and its possible applications, using animation techniques, modeling and rendering and experimenting with the use of audio video on visual effects. He has collaborated with prestigious international brands, including Disney, Lavazza, Duracell, Riot Games and many more. Love music, “an idea pays off much more if it has a great soundtrack”. Today he actively collaborates with various professional production studios and continues his sound experimentation with audiovisual projects and with everything related to video art.. ( www.deltaprocess.it)

Michele Taglialegne he graduated from the State Institute of Art G. Sello di Udine. After high school he moved to Rome where in 2009 obtains a three-year degree and in 2012 Cum Laude Master's Degree in Architectural and Urban Design. In this period he publishes on behalf of Prof.. Gregory lecturer in “Theories of contemporary architectural and aesthetic research” and works at the Works Management of the new Congress Center of Rome EUR in the role of draftsman and 3D designer. After graduating, he moved abroad. It passes 4 years between Kenya and Ghana where he plays the role of designer on behalf of Italian and foreign companies. In 2016 he returns to Udine to deal with historical recovery, design and interior design at the Dimora company of which he becomes a partner. Since then he has collaborated with various Friulian artists and carries on his personal artistic research in the multimedia arts including design, graphics and performance. In this context, the collaborations with CSS Stable Theater of Innovation of Friuli Venezia Giulia should be highlighted. (https://www.instagram.com/tgl.mhl/)

Roberto ranon, professor and researcher of 3D Graphics at the University of Udine, also operated in the fields of Human-Machine Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. In the field industrial, he has worked for several companies nationally and internationally, and has collaborated with artists in the creation of installations and multimedia works.(https://github.com/robertoranon)