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Parco Giordano Sangalli



Near Death is a multisensory environment, a passage space, made of blend of light and sound.
The work of art tries to deconstruct the imagery of death, starting from the testimonies given by those who have had a N.D.E. (Near Death Experience): a temporary jump in the continuation of life beyond what we know, in a continuum of vision, sounds and atmospheres kinesthetic.
Breaking the collective imagination scheme, restore the man at the center of his being, without dogmas and paradigms, in the absolute beauty.


Diego Labonia

Diego Labonia, in arte DieLab, is a light artist, founder and artistic director of RGB Light Experience Festival.
His artistic technique, which has as its topic the light in its form of an installation, is a mixture between analog and digital: "The maximum expression of human ingenuity when applied to art".
In 2009 founded Lights Shadows, company in charge of designing and implementing cultural events with a strong imprint on the new technologies and the environment.
In 2014 realizes urban lighting projects, including Radiolaser, that lit the New Year to Fori Imperiali. His most famous works are Mirror Reflection, realized for RGB15, Ether’ò realized with Simone Palma, Arcobalenide realized for the Photonics Festival.