Through a reading of the genius of Yves Klein, Yves Le Monochrome, which found its maximum artistic expression in the blue color, the architect and artist Diego Repetto with the soundtrack of the multifaceted composer and musician Gianni Maroccolo pays homage to the French artist who died prematurely in 1962 at the age of 34 years.

The video animation work projected in the urban places chosen as the background for the Roman Light Art festival was born from an idea by Diego Repetto and Gianni Maroccolo and is created by the color expert EIZO Ambassador Marco Olivotto of Moonmusic in collaboration with the Creative Lab Milanese Qubla. The video animation entitled "Y.K. The other half of the sky "depicts Yves Klein after having" jumped into the void ", ideally continuing the symbolic image of the Nouveau Réalisme and making the painter fly in the blue sky where he himself becomes the sky, capturing the absolute blue in the other half of the sky.

To accompany the “leap” in the other half of the sky by the French painter is the sonata for saturated bass only, freely inspired by Yves Klein's Symphonie Monotone, made by Gianni Maroccolo.

In addition to celebrating Yves Le Monochrome, the work pays homage to the 2020 like the year of the Blue, so named at the end 2019 dal Pantone Color Institute. Laurie Pressman, vice presidente dell’International Sellers of Color, to Associate Press, on the occasion of the appointment of color assignment per year 2020, stated that the blue color offers stability and connection, transmitting a reassuring presence and creating a feeling of great space and confidence in the future: in these terms, the intention of the Repetto-Maroccolo duo is to bring a message of hope to a world torn by the pandemic and uncertainty in the future.

Yves Klein, and when he designed the exhibition dedicated to the Void (the "Le Vide" exhibition of 28 April 1958 in Paris) in which he intended to "paint" the obelisk of the Place de la Concorde with blue lights, both when it covered women, International Klein Blue cloths and sponges, he wanted to bring art closer to heaven, recovering the relationship between art and spirituality through the blue color.


Diego Repetto, architect, engaged in the research and creation of new landscapes and in analyzing the perceptions of potential stakeholders through experiential art. He exhibited the concepts of Land Lighting and Quinto Paesaggio, identifying new approaches between art and architecture in the landscape field, at the international conference De-sign Environment Landscape City in Genoa in 2017 and at the Venice Biennale 2018 with l’European Cultural Center. He is a member of the LABLANDSCAPE (CIRIAF-SSTAM University of Perugia), dell’Ideal Spaces Working Group (Germany) and the Scientific Committee of the "International Memorandum of Understanding for the Enhancement and Conservation of Works of Art of World Interest" (Polytechnic of Turin, CNR-IVALSA, University of Florence and the Cultural Space of the Villa Colloredo Mels Museum in Recanati). It is currently developing operations to relaunch the idea of ​​a social proximity to be reinvented in connection with the widespread concert project developed within the format "Concerts of ideas in action in the Fifth Landscape", with the support of the RiavviaItalia platform, of the webradio Radio Antidoto and other organizations, international cultural institutions and foundations.

Gianni Maroccolo (o Marok) is a musician, Italian independent producer and talent scout. Musically he was born in Florence, where in the 1980s he founded the Litfiba family, in which he will be active until 1990. In those years he also began studying double bass, phonology and electronic music and composes soundtracks for theater and cinema. The career as an art producer leads him to collaborate with bands such as CCCP, Timoria and Marlene Kuntz, and with artists such as Franco Battiato, Jovanotti and Carmen Consoli. In 1993 fund and C.S.I.. - Consortium of Independent Players. The group reaches the top of the charts in 1997, without abandoning the experimentation that distinguishes it. In 2000 the path of the C.S.I. He stops and Maroccolo devotes himself to the composition of the first of four PGR albums - Per Grazia Ricevuta, with some protagonists of the C.S.I. Releases the solo album A.C.A.U. Our wonder, a little gem of minimal-pop music with some of the most beautiful Italian voices. At the end of 2004 joins Marlene Kuntz, for two albums, a tour and a DVD. He collaborated with British producer Howie B on the Beautiful ensemble, and created a soundtrack for Masbedo (world premiere at the Venice Biennale 2009). In 2009 he founded Al Kemi Lab together with Toni Verona. In 2012 back on stage with Litfiba after over twenty-two years. The success of the dates determines the decision of the band to play also in other Italian cities in 2013. Parallel to the tour, Gianni composes vdb23 together with Claudio Rocchi. In 2020 creates a soundtrack for Arte Fiera inspired by a composition by Yves Klein. The 12 September 2020 he plays live at the Tetatro Puccini in Florence Alone not alone, produced by Fabbrica Europa in collaboration with Contempo Records, a concert in which Marok's sound universe dialogues with the visuals born from the drawings of Marco Cazzato and animated by Michele Bernardi, the two visual artists who have accompanied the first four volumes of Alone. Furthermore, The 4 October at the MEI in Faenza he received the ai 40 years of career.