Underground parking Via del Pigneto- Via Zenodossio

Inside The Secret Garden

A lawn with real clouds immersed in a rarefied light and a sound environment generate a kind of secret and unexpected garden inside the underground parking. An immersive room that reproduces a garden or regenerating paceful park, stimulating the five senses, and in contrast with the cold cement which is composed of the garage. Inside the secret gardenof Diego Repetto and Enzo Cimino want to experience areas that are able to have social relevance and imaginative.

Diego Repetto is an architect, designer and artist active mainly in the design of Land Art works and Land Lighting. He collaborates with research groups such as the Ideal Spaces Working Group, He creates works in partnership with numerous public and university institutions.

Enzo Cimino is sound and interaction designer. He works as a musician with various artists including: Iosonouncane, DeusExMachina, Marco Parente, Beatrice Antolini, Mirko Mariani. He was part of the band Mariposa. He realizes scores / soundtracks for movies and sound environments for art installations.