Largo Bartolomeo Perestrello


It is the story of Esserella,
Born, changed, reshuffled,
in the many meetings she made along the way ...
It tells and feels told
in this story figured,
that with some weird sounds
guide her from the inside out.
Sings, screams, has fun ...
sometimes she has everything, sometimes nothing ...
Plays, listens, sounds and dances
until one night something changes ...
She will continue with her story
understanding here, which is a memory game ...
Sometimes she looks, sometimes she hears, sometimes she smells,
understanding also, that her life is just beginning..
So she feels..
And after a long way ... she finally love.

Esserella is a live story presented in a harmonious theater wood, entirely made and hand-cured by the author. The singular Esserella story will be told through the play of light and shadow that come alive in the wooden theater, where you meet different characters who accompany the public in the heart of the narrative.

duration 20′
timetables 18:30 – 19:30 – 20:30 – 21:30 – 22:30 – 23:30

Eleonora Fantini was born in Rome. She studied music and she has been moved up to the theater, making small shows at festivals in France and Portugal. The merger of the two disciplines are born of musical tales, that come to life in a harmonious theater of light and shadow.