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Arena Aurora, Via di Tor Pignattara 78



After Solitary is innovative journalistic experience: a storytelling using photogrammetry in virtual reality VR combined with a theatrical monologue, capable of involving the viewer into a visual experience to 360 °.
The viewer experiences the experience of being in a 4-size cell×2 m, the same one that has occupied Kenny Moore, inmate sentenced to spend much of his final sentence in isolation in the prison of Maine, in the United States.
“After Solitary” proposed for # RGB18 tells the story of Kenny, recently released after years in isolation, outlining a character disruptive profile and unstable aggravated by such penalty.
The audio-visual experience that is going to live catapults us into the isolation arm along with Kenny, taking a step back in time, and living with him his ordeal.
The Emblematic team managed to create a unique product combining a journalistic storytelling in a theatrical monologue able not only to tell a story, but allow it to live to 360 ° viewers.

The video will be presented in their original language, in English.



Emblematic, a team of artists composed of filmmakers, journalists and designers, founded in 2007 da Nonny de la Peña, known as “godmother of virtual reality”.
The team thanks to his work manages to create, prepare environments that have a strong impact on viewers, virtual reality created at the local level means that engages the user on the scene of history and be able to move within it.