Sono Frankie Piazza N. Copernico, 10

Temporary needs spaces

The ritual, the tradition, the spirituality, the memory of practices related to the universe intimate affections. Traces of a time that today perhaps no longer exists, swept away and forgotten by new rhythms, new myths, new urgencies. Fabio Pulsinelli in his light installation Temporary needs spaces gives voice to urgency, to get back in touch with all this, creating three independent spaces but intimately linked that modify the scenario of a portion of the city. Holy Frame, Intimate Slot, Universal Universe represent three dimensions in which stop the automatic flow of daily life, experiencing again the experience - revolutionary today - the break, to rediscover what we have forgotten, to retrace the intimate size of the emotions and memory, find the reference points of our hope.

Fabio Pulsinelli is an artist and User Experience Designer. His work is born from the human need to rely on specific and improbable beliefs, delegating to higher entities the incessant need to feel protected and psychologically stable. His research looks towards those areas that marketing, technology and their strategies can not or maybe they should not reach, we exist as individuals and not as consumers. His work distorts life and daily action,, taking them from the ordinary state to the extraordinary and vice versa, using the most simple means of human imagination.