Market Largo Bartolomeo Perestrello



The artist has created a site-specific acting on the shutters of Largo Perestrello market through the use of transparent fluorescent paint, picking up color only by Wood's lamp.
For the artist urban lighting it must also be seen in an alternative way, with critical sense, in order to avoid light pollution, but without giving to focus on detail.
The life of the colors of the day is prolonged into the night, in new ways, vaguely distorted and dissonant.


Frederick Baruzzi Vaj

Frederick Baruzzi is a light artist, designer and interior designer graduated in 2008 at IED in Rome.
He specializes attending a master in "Domestic Landscape" at the NABA in Milan ended in 2010. Over the years he is passionate about lighting techniques, acquiring knowledge and technical capabilities on materials and sound technical.
Working with light is, for him, create parallel psychic realities.