What does it mean to be made of water? How can, this awareness, change the way we perceive ourselves and the world?

Inspired by feminist literature on "bodies of water”, Flavia realizes Raw Flows, a series of four site-specific projections that invite you to imagine and discover forms of water.

Leaving the space for interpretation open and fluid, the artist proposes a series of statements regarding our being water that, between the evocative and the poetic, they hope to foster questions and aspirations.

Made of water, we are less alone. We can rediscover fluids, interconnected with the world and with living beings, with all matter, organic and inorganic. Made of water, we transmute, we are polyform and flexible. We vibrate to the music. (There) we fill and adapt.

With rivers, we are in constant motion, in constant evolution. With the seas, we are moved by the tides, from flows, drives and desires.

Like water (the waters) we are generating matter, we are sustenance, shoots and night frost.

Like water, we are solutes and solvents and we enrich ourselves in the encounter with the other, becoming something new.

Like water we connect, and we flow between differences and across distances.


Flavia Tritto (Bari, 1994) is a multidisciplinary visual artist, whose work ranges from video to happening, from installation to performance, to investigate issues related to "individuality", “(inter)subjectivity "and"(auto)perception". After completing his training in the social and legal sciences, Flavia started her artistic research by enrolling in the Master in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London, finished in June 2019. Since he started his activity in art, Flavia has been part of several international exhibitions and artist residencies, who brought it and exhibited in institutions such as the Tate Modern in London (Tate Exchange, 2018 and 2019), he Center of Engraving of La Louvriere (Belgium 2018) and the Forte Marghera in Venice (2019). Among the residences they remember “The European Academy of Participation” at the Goethe Institut of Marseille (France, 2018) and “Trainings for the not-yet” at the Banff Center for Arts & Creativity (Canada, 2019). Flavia is also active in the field of culture through various initiatives, including the organization and curatorship of residences and events related to contemporary art.