Our project, inspired to give new emotions to the EUR Towers, renews its vocation to make it flourish again, like a Garden, the Prenestina Ramp. We will give the viewer the feeling that nature, today relegated to green only front lawn, take back this urban space, with games of soft lights polychrome that will envelop the building, accompanied by musical notes, now sweets, now vibrant.


Francesca Cecarini, of Macerata, and Chiara Patriarch, Romanian, they are lecturers at various Academies of Fine Arts in Italy.

Their work experience develops in parallel, beginning in the late nineties, in the entertainment world that has seen them engaged in concerts, music tours, events, festival, theatrical performances and architectural lighting projects.

Their versatility has made them protagonists in the organization, in the design and execution of scenographic and lighting design creations.

Their profession led them, through different experiences (Art director Francesca Cecarini, Chiara Patriarca television), up to teaching. Francesca Cecarini is currently a teacher of “Ecodesign” and “Light Design” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and Chiara Patriarca is a teacher of “Lighting technology” and “Scenography” near Macerata and of “Lighting technology” near Bari and Frosinone.