“Emersive” is a mesmerizing experience inspired by a futuristic universe a 8 bit.

Composed of a single sequence shot with the camera, this video projection allows to explore different spaces of microcosms through grids, "low poly" and fractal shapes, where bright colors like emerald green and purple dominate. It pulls the viewer into a long hypnotic sequence that requires the camera movement to adapt: rotation, Chase, fall, words, advancement, retreat.

The soundtrack, mixing music and audio archives, recalls the contribution of scientific discoveries and technological developments in our society.


Jeremy Oury uses audiovisual media to produce particular digital works of art for installations, mapping on architecture and for theater. He works on immersive forms capable of placing the viewer at the center of the virtual and minimalist universe and messing up his perception of space. Since 2014 he exhibits his works in various countries of the world, where it has won some awards.