Arena Aurora Via di Tor Torpignattara, 78


Sparrow is a 3D video installation that blurs the boundaries between digital and real, between synthetic and organic, between artificial and human and makes the deep forms that unite them perceptible.. Jeremy Oury in Sparrow he creates an immersive and engaging experience that draws the viewer into a hypnotic journey into the digital system, which then he reveals his living nature triggering a sensory,, synaesthetic and intellectual relationship with the viewer.. Through the 3D video technology, a subtle play of shapes and colors shaping up,, accompanied by a soundtrack upset, that stimulates the dive and the public's imagination in this digital world. The viewer has the feeling of entering deeply into matrix that reflects our brain activity. But in the end, isn't digital built like an organic system??

Jeremy Oury combines sound and image to create unique mapping or digital installations and promotes an innovative vision of abstract audiovisual. He experiences through each form of intermediate linking everything that can cooperate to creating a synesthetic score in different ways (architectural mapping, lED screens, Faulldome, immersive installations). He develops any creative process working on the symbols and the collective imagination through simple themes to create a narrative logic within the visual effects. His artworks have received awards at various international festivals.