Games of fading and transparency to look inside buildings and to make a fixed image become, a real show. Day and night effects of views and glimpses of cities inspired by Rome.

The idea starts from the study of the optical box, reworking of the "New World", where is the viewer to originate, in a completely analog way, the dissolvenze.

This project is inspired by our series of “Pre-Cinema Digitale” installations that are dedicated to digitizing, bringing back to life, the imagery games that made the discovery of cinema possible ("Reflexes", created for RGB 2019, it was part of it).



Lea Brugnoli and Anna Torazza, mother and daughter, they work artistically together, looking for works of art related to animation games and optical effects. They explore typically analogue creations which they then re-propose in a digital key. Currently they are dedicated to a series of works concerning pre-cinema games, creating immersive variations, digital and interactive.

Anna he worked for many years for an art and animation workshop for children in Turin, participated in art exhibitions, conducted seminars and training courses of expressive teaching for teachers. His work has been awarded internationally. In 1997 published the book “Image games”. Today he is at the helm of a cinema in the province of Turin, in support of local art and culture.

Lea has developed interdisciplinary works in the field of architecture and cinema, combining them with projection mapping. In recent years she has also performed as a vjing for musicians and events. Now work as a freelancer exhibition designer in the context of exhibitions, exhibitions and performances.

For the sound composition they collaborate with Andrea Spontoni, multimedia artist and composer of electronic music, specialized in sound design and Max / MSP programming for installations, interactive shows and projects. He has already participated in the realization of projects for brands such as Balich Worldwide Shows, Leonardo, Google, Spotify and Cartier.