Fontana - Giardini di Piazza Eratostene


Riflessi is a luminous sculpture that plays with water, the mirror and on their power to deform the image. Lea Brugnoli and Anna Torazza starting from the definition of anamorphosis (the effect of optical illusion that an image is distorted and becomes recognizable only by looking at a precise location) and decline on the figure of the fountain - specifically, the fountain in Piazza Erastotene. An imaginative and liquid dialogue is established between the fountain and the installation,, in which a series of possible and changing scenarios come to life,, in continuous movement. Ironical visions of impossible fountains alternate with jets of water where the projected images and the mirrored real figures of the visitors blend together.. Only by standing next to the existing sculpture, and then in perfect harmony with it, you can watch the game of anamorphosis.

Mother and daughter, Lea Brugnoli and Anna Torazza work together in a process of digitization of pre-cinema games and optical illusions.
Anna Torazza deals with animations, short films, games of pre-cinema exhibitions and installations. Through projects with schools, won numerous awards in national and international, and she is the author of the book "IMMAGINinAZIONE – by optical effects to the cartoon ". Even as a Film Elios Carmagnola management and programming, Torino.
Lea Brugnoli works in Berlin and Turin, dealing with multidisciplinary projects where interaction is a fundamental element, between architecture and cinema. She study the technology through moving images for installation and performing arts. Since 2015 she has been specializing in screenings..