How a work of art is born? This is the question that inspires the workshop that will guide the students from the conception to the creation of a work of art based on light, led by Leonardo Zaccone. The creative workshop is aimed at young people among 11 e i 15 years, divided into three stages:

GUIDED TOUR Friday 7 December (h 18:00, meeting point Metro Station C Pigneto)

Discovery: the boys will be guided through the streets of the festival, to watch, know and understand the world of art that surrounds them.

LABORATORY Saturday 8 December (h 10:00, At The Beehive via Fontechiari 35)

Creativity: their ideas will be turned into art!

EXPOSURE Sunday 9 December (h 17:00, At cultural Empire Space Center Water via Bullicante 133)

Comparison: the works created will be exhibited in the same streets of the festival that inspired them, presented by the students in front of a commission of national and international artists.


Leonardo Zaccone

Performer, sound & interaction designer, trainer from 0 a 99 years, digital humanist. As an artist, he focuses his research on interaction as a human and technological process. On the same push, interested in urban social processes, founded the FabLab in Rome, today Spazio Chirale, open place of technological cultural sharing. Meet people every day.
He is fat before he is big. Search silence as a gift Sound.