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Centro Cultural Space Empire, Via Bullicante Water 133



Fond memory brings the light of other days around me.” Thomas Moore

In the future, and in part already present, We understand the enormous loss due to inability to read data stored in electronic memories, digital and analog, we used to years. Floppy disk, magnetic tapes, vhs, compact disc, dvd, pen drive: memories that, in addition to suffer the own obsolescence and supports necessary to read them, We preserve with great carelessness.
What will remain of these memories that make up the lives of several generations of memory?
What is the relationship between these memories and human memory, both biologically as a network of electrical impulses that socially as a network of relationships?


Collective Metadiapason

The collective consists of Leonardo Zaccone, Francesco Guarino and Stella Passerini, experiments with forms of participatory art through digital and social interaction, investigating the relationship between technology and humanism.