Sopra Garage Area pedonale Via del Pigneto – Via Gabrino Fondulo

CICLOLISERGICO A PEDALI is an interactive light installation for a spectator at a time, It comes from the theater show of shadows De. . Lete.

Among optical effect, physical experience and lysergic trip, viewers / cyclists are pedaling inside a magic tunnel and imaginary, plunged into the sound produced ad hoc by Andrea Fish. The machine is activated by the viewer-pedalatore that, pedaling, gives energy to a lamp and a scooter which projects in front of the viewer-pedalatore the shadow of a rotating spiral, thus activating the immersive projection of the imaginary tunnel. The installation was realized with the dynamo created by Raniero Terrible - Saperenetwork.

The artistic research of Malombra (Marco Guarrera and Camila Chiozza) wants to develop a contemporary reinterpretation of the shadow theater, without changing the original appearance. The technique to realize the mass shadows in point by the director, Marco Guarrera, harks back to the pre-cinema, recreating a kind of contemporary phantasmagoria. The light source, the use of models and an unpublished stage machine, return the projection of moving shadows, with an effect comparable to the film camera movement.