Cortile Condominio - Viale dell’Acquedotto Alessandrino,103


#rgbrecolor of Marco Brianza is an installation that connects the urban space with the space of the Internet through the light: the color of a photo posted online becomes the color of one of the physical world space. #rgbrecolor takes action in the panorama of the city transforming a condominium of Tor Pignattara into "timeline" of a social network.. #rgbrecolor is an opportunity for interaction with the territory, which gives the opportunity to the people to play with the festival audience and vice versa: the windows so it becomes the symbolic place of exchange with the outside. Each window of the building will in fact be illuminated by a special lamp connected, receiving real-time information from the network. Viewers will then be the designers of this light architecture: publishing a photo on Instagram with the tag #rgbrecolor, they will send the color to a window of the apartment building.

Marco Brianza (Varese, 1972) is a visual artist who places at the base of his work the observation of changes in the physical world, focusing mainly on the visual phenomena. To capture the essence of the changes, he uses photography conceived as recording changes in light, using sensors of varying complexity, creating the software algorithms that process and select the information. His works, presented in several European festivals, are presented in various aesthetic forms, using techniques ranging from paper to environmental installations that use light devices, and by the same artist display.