Space Empire Road Marranella 112

La lunga notte piena degli inganni delle varie immagini

Starting with a poetic and literary suggestion, the visionary collection Canti Orifici Dino Campana, MediaMash Studio creates a video installation that takes the audience on a metaphysical space. La lunga notte piena degli inganni delle varie immagine overturns the notions of inside and outside, of subject and object, blasting the logic as much as the perception. The public will to live a dream space with surreal moths, that move within a window looking for a way out. Are the moths who want to enter or are we the ones who want to go out? ? Who is looking for city lights??

MediaMash Studio is a collective of artists based in Florence which deals with contemporary art and using light and video as the main medium of expression. The installations of MediaMash are often characterized by a site-specific nature and use of unconventional materials. They realize video-mapping and interactive exhibits exhibit, festivals and Italian institutions.

Luca Mauceri (1981, Florence) Artist and visual designer. He devoted himself to the study of the landscape and the interaction between man and nature. His work is characterized by the creation of site-specific works to which combines frequently primordial and technological media materials.