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Theater Studio One, Via Carlo della Rocca 6



Wood, mobile phones, recycled engines, old cameras and roots of plants shape the self-built projectors, adapting to space, create a work in constant mutation. Waste materials recovery and gives the installation a decadent technological aspect.
As a representation of an alternate present, the technical cannibalism of the various materials that make up the installation creates a anachronistic and futuristic scenario.
The reason that creates a visual link between the various devices is an image of a root, not organic but rather a metaphysical entity.



Luca Mauceri + MediaMash Studio

MediaMash Studio is a collective of artists based in Florence, which focuses on contemporary art, using light and video as the main medium of expression.
The installations of MediaMash are often characterized by a site-specific nature and use of unconventional materials.
Luca Mauceri, Jacopo Rachlik and Emilano Renzini realize video-mapping and interactive exhibits including Kandinsky Color Experience, Montecatini Terme, PT, 2018; The installation Forest, XI Florence Biennale, Florence; performance Natural Live, XI Florence Biennale (BE) Contemporary and Artimino (PO).
In 2018 participating in the Festival of Rome, New Year's Eve in the Capital, where they expose Day Hole - work presented for the first time in Rome for RGB Light Experience 2017.