During the meeting, the NATURARE concept will be discussed, chosen as the title of this year's particular edition, of the different relationship between Man and Nature, which we have seen accentuated in the last period, of the new ways of artistic creation, caused by the changes in progress. The theme of the organization and life of cultural events and how artists grasp the transformations and turn them into works of art will be addressed.


Lino Strangis, Repetto and Gianni Maroccolo; Simona Verrusio; Chiara Patriarca and Francesca Cecarini; Delta process; Hinrich Gross; Lea Brugnoli and Anna Torazza; Luca Cataldo; Luca Mauceri + MediaMash Studio; Quantum Framework; Collective L4R; Daniel Spano; Collective I Light; Flavia Tritto; Olga Tuzova and Lorenzo Pagella; Simone Palma and Raffaele Settembre; Jeremy Oury.

MODERATOR: Diego Labonia – RGB Light Experience artistic director

Here is the link to follow live