The video installation “Theaters of Italy” was born in a period in which the show is strongly in crisis, with the ambition to bring theatrical spaces currently closed and not usable by the public or artists to the streets. The sequence of images of some of the most important Italian theaters show majestic spaces of the highest aesthetic value, that our country has the advantage of being able to boast in an incomparable quantity. However, the environment is always empty, on stage as in the hall, so that the celebration of these places of art is accompanied by a sense of loneliness and melancholy, which describes the feeling of waste and abandonment that pervades the entertainment sector when it cannot experience the artistic representations that justify its existence. The video projection is framed by a movement of red light beams, to recall and underline the alarm situation in which the cultural sector finds itself in this period.


The project “Life before and after” was created under the influence of the current situation in Italy, and around the world. The general global crisis that has affected all countries has become a moment of transition from the previous life to the future life. The situation in which businesses collapse, people are left without work, the world reigns in a state of general panic and chaos, it will surely remain forever in our memory. And in any situation, no matter how hard it is, there is always an opportunity that can be seen. E, I our case, this opportunity was the transformation and global re-evaluation of values. We started thinking more about family, we began to appreciate our loved ones. Our planet has begun to purify itself. And after going through this terrible period of our life, we can reach a new level of consciousness, and recover the lost values. The project “Life before and after” it was created so that everyone can stop and see new meanings. Feel the power of the most important thing in life: we can love, we can create something new and improve ourselves every day. This project is dedicated to our families, to our friends and companions. This project aims to feel that together we are a force! And we will make it!

The music for the project was chosen by Edoardo Bedarida.


Olga Tuzova and Lorenzo Pagella, both Lighting Designers with years of experience behind them, I am respectively the Italian ambassador of "Women in Lighting", artistic collective that collects female lighting design experiences from all over the world, and the founder of "Virtual Lighting", activity created to bring together professionals in the design and programming of lights for the show. They recently started collaborating by dedicating themselves to several projects: from installations for light festivals to lighting design for events, up to design consultancy for lighting products. They enthusiastically participate in the RGB light festival initiative 2020 with the aim of bringing an artistic and emotional light to the streets and squares of Rome.