Today more than ever, data influences our life and our decisions. Just look at how the statistics on the trend of COVID19 have affected future predictions. The graphic visualization of the data makes a constant flow invisible to us tangible and concrete; from our choices to our movements, from our views to our clicks. Form, symbols and numbers follow a very specific logic. From our so-called "clouds" (virtual memory spaces) they overflow data and can no longer contain it securely. “Data Storming”, data storm, intends to provoke the user by proposing a visualization of confused and chaotic data, one without a logical order, but at the same time harmonious and dynamic with each other. Like a flock of birds, sinuous and sudden directions compose shapes continuously
change. A digital painting invades the public space, changing its perception and its context.


Quantic framework is a collective of young creatives born in 2017. Coming from different backgrounds ranging from Exhibit to new technologies, they were trained during the academic course of Multimedia Arts and Design and then continue their artistic career by participating in calls and carrying out projects commissioned by festivals and events.
The collective, through the use of various languages, creates interactive multimedia installations and audiovisual performances that investigate the integration of images, light and sound to create synaesthetic experiences that immerse the user.

Filippo Gualazzi he received a diploma in New Technologies of Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, during this period he embarked on a multidisciplinary path that ranges between graphics advertising, photography and videomaking. In 2013 enrolled at the "ZeroCrossing" Music Academy, where he attended a two-year course in electronic music production. World of the image and the world of sound have pushed him more and more to seek new forms of expression, so in 2017 he enrolled in the “Multimedia Arts&Design ”at the Rome University of Fine Arts, obtaining the master's degree with full marks in February of 2020. His knowledge in music production has taken shape in several collaborations with musicians and composers, in which he consolidated above all his inclination towards the practices of video associated with audio. Some audiovisual projects, born above all in the academic field, they gave him the opportunity to participate in festivals of international importance such as Matera Intermedia, UK Young artists, Live Performers Meeting, Media Art, RomaEuropa Festival and Venice Music Biennale. He currently collaborates on several projects with studios such as: NONE collective, Cabina, Otolab and with cultural associations including Artificial Humanism and BitNet.

Daniela Gentile since she was a child she cultivated her passion for art by attending the five-year painting course at Liceo Artistico “G. De Nittis ”. In 2012 he moved to Rome where he attended RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts, earning a degree in Interior Design. Her multifaceted personality leads her to approach the most recent artistic experiments in the field of Media Arts, with particular interest in Sound Art, experiencing the sounds related to space, exploring the perception within the listener. It actively participates in festivals and reviews on the national territory such as the Spring Attitute Festival (2016), Signals in Perugia, the Media Art Festival in Rome and the Blooming Festival in Pergola. He holds a Masters
in Multimedia Arts and Design (RUFA) in which his research and practice is oriented to the study of sound and waveforms as weapons and as a political means for psychophysical manipulation, the
control and influence of the civilian population. After an internship at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, she is currently a researcher on sound at The Works Research Institute.

Emanuela Mottola naxes in 1994 in Rome. He attends the Scientific High School, to then achieve a three-year degree in Industrial Design at the "Sapienza" University of Rome in 2016. The thesis project was selected for publication in the ADI Index volume 2017 and was awarded the Design Excellence Award in Lazio 2017. Later he attended a 1st level Master in Interior, Exhibit & Retail Design at the Polytechnic of Turin. At the end of both qualifications achieved, he carried out training internships respectively in the Siconf S.r.l company in Rome and in the Building SPA company in Turin. To complete his professional training he decides to approach new technologies, by enrolling in the specialization course in Multimedia Arts and Design at “RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts”, ending it in February 2020. During the specialization course he carries out an internship of 3 months at Studio Azzurro in Milan, with whom he collaborates in the realization of the exhibition “Fellini 100. Immortal genius ", inaugurated in Rimini on the occasion of the centenary of the director's birth. Currently member of the Quantum Framework artistic collective, as well as working as a freelance designer of interactive systems and multimedia spaces.