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Parco Giordano Sangalli



A unique window able to bring in a multitude of imaginary and real places. The installation is a freestanding sculpture, It consists of a staircase leading to a window-monitor, surreally opposed to the historic site that hosts, in front of the aqueduct of Alexandria.
Observe the images in the window can bring forth mixed feelings as the urgent desire to escape from his real condition perceived to places like best, far away in space and time or, Unlike, anchoring to the own present, not going into places perceived as hostile.



Raffaele September

Raffaele September, classroom 1968, It is a designer who trained at IED and at the Faculty of Architecture "Ludovico Quaroni".
He works from 1994 in various fields such as architecture, design, installations and digital sets, designing and producing theater and in various cities in Italy with the Orma Fluens association of which he is a founding member.
Among the last works, out the stand of "Combustioni" say the artist at the Vittoriano Museum in Rome.