The landscapes of the contemporary nocturnal city are constantly evolving from one side, of individual and group human activities, which I would define the profile of the request, on the other of the technologies that illuminate it, both in terms of light characteristics, that of characteristics of the systems that serve to supply light, which I would define the offer profile.

These two souls are increasingly disconnected and generate a sort of schizophrenia between the demands of compliance with regulations, energy saving and cost containment and the needs of the psychophysical well-being of those who live in the city.

Light festivals, more and more frequent in Italy and in the world sometimes they take on the role of a medicine that tries to heal this schizophrenia at least for a few days: an important role in remembering that the quality of light cannot be measured only with numbers, but also with the level of emotions it can arouse, but which must stimulate a wider debate, that comes out of its space-time boundaries.


Elettra Bordonaro – Co-founder and creative director of Light Follows Behavior; Stefano Catucci – Professor of Aesthetics at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome La Sapienza; Marco Frascarolo – Lighting designer and lecturer in lighting technology at the Roma Tre architecture department; Diego Labonia – RGB Light Experience Artistic Director; Federico Petrei – Vj motion designer Deltaprocess; Daniel Spano – Visual artist

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Elettra Bordonaro, co-founder and creative director of Light Follows Behavior, a lighting studio that has the goal of designing with people and for people. She is also co-founder of the Social Light Movement (SLM), born with the purpose of bringing enlightenment to less affluent communities. He has focused his attention on lighting design and has been participating in research initiatives from beyond 15 years. In addition to providing lighting projects for outdoor and public areas in the UK and abroad, Elettra focused on design education and the promotion of research initiatives related to the design of cities after dark. He has held courses at the University of Rome, Milan and Turin and has been teaching since 2014 al 2018 at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design (RISD) a Providence. Elettra is also Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics Sociology and in the field of research “Configuring Light / Staging the Social”, group working on various research projects that integrate social research into lighting design. His program “Social Lightscapes Workshop”, in association with Confuguring Light, received an honorable mention at “Compasso d'Oro design awards”, in 2020.

Marco Frascarolo, engineer, lighting designer, lighting Lecturer at the Department of Architecture of Rome and the Master in Lighting Design of Sapienza University of Rome, coordinates the 2001 the study Fabertechnica which he founded. Among the most important works includes the design for the new LED lighting system of the Sistine Chapel in the consortium LED4ART, the coordination of Marco Frascarolo of the working group of the Master in Lighting Design, University "La Sapienza", for the preparation of the guidelines of the new lighting system for the Colosseum (2015) and the project for the new lighting system for the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi. Since 2018 Marco Frascarolo follows as coordinator the "Jubilee of Light" project promoted by A.N.C.I. and by the Ministry of the Environment MATTM, that interests 17 Italian Municipalities and has recently been extended to others 33. The founding idea of ​​the project is to use light as a flywheel to bring out and tell places, to enhance the territory and its multiple resources. Among other major projects: House Italy Pyeongchang, Rio de Janerio Casa Italia, LunerPark Villa Balbiano ad Ossuccio, How. Faculty of Architecture 2b pavilions, 4 and 8 dell 'former slaughterhouse, Faculty of Naval Architecture Bath. Exhibition spaces of the Vittoriano Complex. Basilica of S. Croce in Gerusalemme. monumental Nymphaeum of Villa Aldobrandini (Frascati). Temporary exhibitions at the Scuderie del Quirinale, Complex of the Victorian, Ara Pacis Museum, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Centre Pompidou.