Railway Bridge Via del Pigneto

The site-specific work is designed to create a visual interpretation of the curvature of space-time. The artist has created the illusion of an infinite mirror that lights up in a cyclic sequence.
Although the work is partly hidden, the passerby is attracted by the change of the lights intermittently.
The analogy represented is about the future, as well as the work is hidden behind the corner, It need awareness and attention to catch it. In the moment in which the work itself is dark and the light tunnel is turned off, even the viewer's thoughts darkens.

Robert Sochacki

Robert Sochacki, Polish, classroom 1971.
He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, later he was trained as a set designer in theater and finally he tacked on video.
Member of the Department of Painting at the Gdansk, where he completed his PhD on the art of light in public space.
His projects have been supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Hertiage Polish.
Today is a professor and researcher at the Gdansk Academy and, like a light artist, he exhibited his works in international festivals in the world.