The workshop aims to introduce participants to the use of vjing and video mappig techniques. In particular, Resolume Arena professional software will be used 6. Focus on the presentation and application of the various video mapping techniques using Resolume Arena and on the methods of producing content suitable for each type of video mapping, from architectural to live performance.

NB: Participants must bring their notebook and any cables and adapters to class to connect their laptop to the projector. Furthermore, they can carry controllers, projectors and video content, so that you can experiment as much as possible.


Simona Noera
Simona Noera is a VJ born in Rome where she started in 2005 come video editor, moved to Prague in 2007, he began to devote himself to live performances. It deals with video mapping, video installations, of stage design and creation of original visual content. He has worked for years with the most famous clubs in Prague and Czech musicians. Co-founder of the platform KinocirKus (from the 2010), It is also involved in the organization of the BYOB in Prague and between 2011 and the 2017 regularly organized VJ meetings in Prague through the creation of the VJs community in Prague. Guest of several visual festivals abroad (Genius Loci Weimar, Kiev Light Festival, Signal Festival, LPM, just to name a few). Currently she returned to live in Rome where he is experimenting with new AV performance projects and interactive installations.