Beauty, breath, transformation, past that resurfaces to combine with the present, I play with architecture and landscapes.

Simona Verrusio's video works and textual interventions of light art intertwine and interact with the architecture of the buildings and spaces of the locations chosen for the Festival RGB 2020. Multiple interventions inspired by the genius loci of the different places and the link between art and science.

The curves that the east ring road of Rome composes, views from above, they look like sections of wider curves. The trajectories of Lissajous appear by swinging a pendulum, amazing images related to the movement of the earth around the sun and the orbits of the planets. The projection of the sinuous intertwining joins the arches of the bypass. The pillars that support it are dressed in the shapes of Greek columns, with inlaid capitals, to build another place of suggestion and provocation. The poem will echo under the vaults, non stellate, of the ring road, taken from a video from the 1970s by Ansaldo and from 10 June 1962′ by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Another intervention, more conceptual, bring nature into the parking in via Ludovico Pavoni of Torpignattara, playing with the architecture of the buildings. The two neighboring buildings form a large capital letter U, which is embedded in the word “flower beds”. Flower beds to symbolically carry a piece’ of nature within the urban setting. Flower beds – single word in Italian with all vowels- it is also a tribute to Dante and the Earth when he writes “The flowerbed that makes us so ferocious,.., it all appeared to me from’ colli a le foci ”referring precisely to the Earth seen from Paradise.

Sulle great constructions of the skyscrapers of the EUR a visual play between the unfinished vertical lines of the buildings and the continuous transformation of curved lines, described by the complex mathematical function of Mandelbrot.

Finally to the San Galli park the image of a young Ninetto Davoli will run, as he did in the Uccellacci Uccellini film, on the aqueduct, while the trees in the park will be illuminated with a splendid green and the lawn will become a black and white checked floor. A scenario that echoes De Chirico's metaphysical paintings, creating a new and other urban space through the lighting intervention. Other pictures: houses and huts built against the aqueduct in the 1970s, photo by Roberto Ciavoni, and blue waters with bodies in embrace for the nostalgia of contact linked to the times we are living in and the water that flowed in the aqueduct.


Simona Verrusio aka Vj Janus deals with theater, performance e video. He loves different artistic languages ​​and explores their boundaries and connections. E’ the creator of the platform that geolocates places and rooms for creative use, to facilitate the meeting between those looking for spaces for artistic activities and those who have the availability. Since 2011 conducts performance theater workshops, and poetry and movement workshops on Japanese short poetry (haiku). Founded, in 2016, the cultural association 'bare feet' (, first as a physical space, a room, now flying over various places of art. He has patented a traveling performative technological device: a technological mask called Vj Janus that he wears and with which he makes traveling video performances. Vj Janus shoots what he sees through a camera and projects it in real time on a screen placed on the performer's back. In 2018 with VJ Janus he participated in the RGB Light Festival International Festival with the Itertime project, mixing images of the past and the present. He has published two books co-written with Alter: the first 'The Dense Host - the labyrinth of power' and the second 'Io Tarzan, your date'.

In March 2019 made a video installation, multimedia and interactive, in the Museum of the Dancing Satyr of Mazara del Vallo entitled “What I see”.