“Every now and then I touch my arms, my legs, my body to understand if I am dreaming or awake. Looking in the mirror is not enough to realize the my existence, also because now I no longer see my face.

I don't know the reflected image who it belongs to. They are in a glass vial, the world before is too far away, a invisible barrier separates me from him.

I feel like I'm living the life of some other person, seeing me from the outside in a sequence d’ images that flow slowly: where am I.”


Simone Palma is an artist active in the field of multimedia in the theatrical and performative fields. His works have been exhibited in several festivals, while in the theater / performance field he collaborates with several
companies and artists, including Alessandro Pintus and Gerardo Greek, Marco Tullio Giordana, motion, Theater of Dionysos, Opera House, MP5 and Teho Teardo.
Raffaele September It is an active designer in various fields such as architecture, design, installations and designing digital sets and creating dance theater shows and integrated theater. Among the last works, the creation of the installation at the Victorian museum by the artist Dicò and participation in the RGB Lightfest of 2018 and 2019.