via Bartolomeo Fanfulla 101


performer: Adriano Saleri
sound design: Ipologica

Crossing the boundaries between different cultures, between spectator and artistic action. The "border" physical, virtual, symbolic is not only a sign that separates and divides, but also in a common line through which the different touch and communicate cultures. The trespass is a constituent of meeting and comparison process by which the differences are relativized and may originate new paths. The trespassing is an enrichment, a valuable opportunity in which we can embrace a new idea without fear, is a put on and questioning without prejudices and false certainties. Attraversamenti of Simone Palma and Raffaele Settembre wants to make visible the symbolic and political power of a concept so urgent in our present, creating light installation that will come to life in one of the city neighborhoods where the idea of ​​the border and its crossing is more central and perceptible.

Simone Palma it's a artist active in the field of multimedia in theater and performative. His works have been exhibited in several festivals, while in the theater / performative works with various companies and artists, including Alessandro Pintus and Gerardo Greek, Marco Tullio Giordana, motion, Theater of Dionysos, Opera House, MP5 and Teho Teardo.
Raffaele September It is an active designer in various fields such as architecture, design, installations and designing digital sets and creating dance theater shows and integrated theater. Among the last works, fit out the artist at the Vittoriano museum say and participation in the RGB LightFest 2018.