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Via del Pigneto, corner of Via Marin Sanudo



3018. Pollution has devastated the planet.
The population, forced to flee the city, It has taken refuge in rural areas.
The residential centers are arranged around a small tree-cores, are the trees and their life cycle the only thing that can stop the progress of undaunted un'irrespirabile black pall.
The artist has created so Clorophylla PRJ, unique technological system to produce oxygen that is able to ensure the survival.


Tommaso Rinaldi aka High Files

Thomas Rinaldi, aka High Files, He works as a visual artist and stage designer with the most important organizations of musical events in Turin and Alessandria.
After studying Design at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin specializes in Live Cinema performances and vj sets, Videomapping, Digital and Dramaturgy.
From 2016 takes part in the International Festival of Visual Art as LPM Live Performers Meeting, Pomezia Light Festival, Genius Loci Weimar, RGB Light Experience and winning the VJ category ART in the Odessa videomapping Light Fest contest 2017.
He is currently Professor of Drama at the Alma Media Artist Academy of Pisa.