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Via Aqua Alexandrina, 103



luminosity, in German brightness, It is one of the main characteristics of a quantum accelerator. The installation is an artistic interpretation of some principles of the operation of the hadron colliders.
The size and position of translucent screens are calculated to ensure that, together with the light beams coming from the two projectors positioned on opposite sides of the screens, It creates a volumetric composition with stereo effect.
It is the interactive component to regulate the video dynamics and the generated sound.
Viewers are invited to observe the installation from different angles, thus indicating the observer's impact on observed and generating, by the approach or move away from the work center, every time a unique composition and different.



The collective Tonoptik, from St. Petersburg in Russia, was born in 2014 a collaboration between the artists Yury and Alexander Tolstoguzov Inkov.
Together they experience visual and sound configurations, basing their approach on a free exploration of contemporary multimedia technologies.
The artists have participated in some of the most important International Festival, winning in 2017 MADATAC08 the award for the most innovative installation in Spain.