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Parking between Via Ludovico Pavoni and via del Pigneto



A 3D architectural videomapping which recounts a journey through time, starting from the future up to the present day.
The various levels of the floors of the two buildings become an integral part of the story, I am supporting to stage the life stories of a hypothetical future, turn into spaceships, up to go back to being simple and palaces lived daily.
The facades of the two buildings, despite the similarity, They are in this artistic choice for the first time to scrutinize, as if they knew each other for the first time, interacting with each other and making sure that the future will mirrors in the present.


Alice Felloni aka vj Alis

Alice Felloni, Alis aka Vj, It is a visual artist and performer Roman video mapping, '85 class.
He teaches the course of the IED Video Design (European Institute of Design) From Rome, He has worked and partnered with organizations such as RAI, Fendi, Female Cut, IDentity Communication, He has made video mapping for concerts of famous Italian artists.
In 2016 He was the winner of the VJ Contest Signal Prague Festival.