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Piazza dei Condottieri



The installation is a tribute to the film “The emperor of Rome” (1987) debut work of Nico D'Alessandria, independent filmmaker of the capital.
The protagonist of the film, schizophrenic drug addict, He proclaims himself emperor of a city without dignity or domains.
The integral projection of the film, distorted in sound and image, pays tribute to the filmmaker.
An overlap of this in the past, given by the intrusion of a new sound, which repeats the same process of Nico D'Alessandria which writes: “The mute turned, in 35 mm, the sonorizzai later with the characters' voices, and personally I mounted.
A distortion of picture and sound which results in a dispersion of sense, asphyxiated between a past and a present to rebuild. "



Vjit feat. Alexia Robbio

Vjit was born in 2010 meeting between Francesco Iezzi, Dalila D'Amico and Maria Costanza Barberio. The project stems from several areas: philosophy, cinema, music and theater.
The videos of Vjit focus on a small aspect of reality and turn it into an abstract form, and a conceptual vision.
Each video shows the connection between the inner nature of the movement (macrocosm and microcosm) and the dark sound movement.
The live performances are the result of a random method that blends minimalist geometry, empty space and sound interaction in real time.
The sound work is curated by Alexia Robbio, young producer of electronic music.