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Centro Cultural Space Empire, Via Bullicante Water 133



The light installation allows visitors to get lost in time and space, observing the imaginary rotation of the luminous cylinder.
The work is inspired by the concept of "Tipler time machine" based on the assumption that an infinitely long volume in rotation along its longitudinal axis, It can cause mutations in space-time, spatial and temporal distortions that would make it possible to time travel.
The animations continuous RGB laser give the idea of ​​rotating matter, generating a strobe effect. For users it is proposed an optical effect: It may seem that their rotation is slow, others will be fast, some will observe the movement in a clockwise direction, still others in the opposite direction.



Would be

VOLNA is a collective of artists of St. Petersburg, Russia.
The group comes from different backgrounds: architecture, design, art and cultural studies, But all of them are common the shared will to transform and artistically deformed spaces.
Their main passion is to create large-scale light installations.
They attach great importance to every stage of the work, the development and graphic visualization of concepts, continuing during the entire production cycle, including assembly, programming and documentation.