It is a connective creativity laboratory based on the use of a whisper-radio system, to converse in an immersive and local context with headphones and widespread (globally) in streaming on the web. This happens as you explore (without going far, walking little, unlike the walkabout) and information-emotions experienced in the projective event to be inhabited are processed, al RGB Light Experience. During the whisper-talk, both the stakeholders and authors present in the field and remote ones will be involved in the radio brainstorming, to focus on the various aspects of the sensitivities involved in the light experience.

By Carlo Infante – Urban Experience.


Carlo Infante is changemaker, freelance teacher of Performing Media, cultural designer, founder of Urban Experience and screenwriter for future resilience. He directed, in the eighties, festivals as Scenarios of the Immaterial, area in which the video theater and the first experiments of performing media were developed (in 1987 the title of the edition was "The Interactive Scene"). He led (also as an author) radio broadcasts on Radio1 and Radio3, such as Mediamente.scuola on RAI3 and Salva con Nome on RAInews24 (in 2009). He devised (on the occasion of the Turin Olympics 2006) format web, like the geoblog (which made it possible to write stories in geographies, before GoogleMaps), which express the creative tension of a Social Innovation operating in the territory (as happened with the Performing Media Lab in Salento for La Notte della Taranta, and in Piedmont within a Property Confiscated from the Mafia which he owned with the association). He is the author, Moreover, to Educate online (1997, Netbook), Learning by playing (Bollati Boringhieri, 2000), Edutainment (Coop Italy, 2003), Performing Media. The new spectacularity of interactive and mobile communication (Novecentolibri, 2004), Performing Media 1.1 Politics and poetics of networks (Memory, 2006) and many other sages (+ of 80) and articles (thousands) for multiple publications (including NOVA-Sole24ore, Tiscali and L'Unità, for which he edited the monthly UniTag insert, and currently The New Ecology, on which it has a fixed address book). He is among the founders of the States General of Innovation (with which in 2012 the Rome Smart City project is launched in which it is a resilient city) he was a member of the board (as in previous decades it had been the case of the National Theater Critics Association and the National Video Council), he is part of the scientific committee of Symbola and is a professor of digital technologies and cognitive processes at the Faculty of Economics of the Mercatorum University. He edited for the Italian Treccani Encyclopedia (Science and Technique- double volume on Informatica) the essay Digital Cultures and various related terms. Now walk, conversation, solicits participated gaze, learns everywhere, con i walkabout, peripatetic conversations with your feet on the ground and your head in the cloud.