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Piazza Nicolaus Copernicus



And 'an installation of video art that blends the worlds of dance and animation.
The containers that make up the work they are lit from within, on the front side it is a figure projected real scale of a woman, thus giving the illusion of a real presence to its entire.
The story is told of a near future. A future placed in large spaces not the containers that you have in front where the only reality different from the one represented is visible from the window placed in the opening of the upper container, the view is of a much bigger world than a box, not limited by restrictions such as space, time or money.
The protagonist interacts with this world through a dark mass that changes shape, the sonorities of the piano they will be the background and accompaniment.


Willem Mertens

Willem Mertens is an artist 27 years.
In 2012 he graduated from art school of Luke in Ghent.
In 2016 It won the video mapping competition Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB).
This earned him a place at the Light Festival in Ghent 2018. Here it presented “Ctrl + Alt + Esc”. In his work explores the relationship between the digital and the human, dance and entertainment, light and dark.