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Garage below Largo Pedestrian between Via and Via Gabrino Fondulo Pigneto


dark airing

An aluminum wheel composed of a LED light, rotates slowly in the center of the complex.
A nylon thread cobweb, placed throughout the room, reflecting the light emanating from the LEDs, so as to create thousands and thousands of tiny points of light that move in space.
The impression is to witness the natural phenomenon known as the '' diamond dust '': a weather event that can be seen on a clear day in Antarctica. The phenomenon occurs when ice crystallized in the air reflected the sun's rays.
Thousands of tiny floating, flowing lights, that draw in air, leave the viewer the idea of ​​immersion in water.


Yasuhiro Chida

Yasuhiro Chida, born in 1977 a Kanagawa, in Japan.
He graduated in architecture at the Musashino Art University. It 'the first Asian artist selected for the SIGNAL, the largest arts festival in the Czech Republic.
He participated at the Amsterdam Light Festival, one of the biggest festivals of the light of the world.
He collaborates with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).
His research ranges from the boundaries of art and science. Join RGB18 with two works: 0.04 and dark Manageability.