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RGB LIGHT EXPERIENCE 2018 is glad to announce the RESULTS of the FIRST SELECTION of artworks for the Festival, which will be followed by a second definitive selection.

The RGB Festival will be held exceptionally at the END OF NOVEMBER 2018.

We thank all the artists who participated in the CALL and we apologize for posting the results late, we have been submerged by the project proposals this year!

You will find below the RESULTS of the CALL for ARTISTS, divided into the four sections designed for the exhibition.

Another section was set up by the artistic direction: URBE LIGHT (Nastro Azzurro crowdfunding).
The artists in this section will be contacted individually to talk about the possibility of a collective financing for their artworks, thanks to the announcement created by Nastro Azzurro.


To all the terrestrials who want to get involved: we want your shining vision!


Imagine living, now, in the past.
The future you left behind can be changed.
Imagine what can you do, now, to improve it.
Your artistic intervention can activate possible futures.

Have you ever thought going back in the past? Now you can!

The game we propose for the third edition of the RGB festival – which will take place in Rome during one of the first autumn weekends – is to imagine yourself in a journey through time.
You come from the future and you arrived in 2018. The future you know does not satisfy you and now, being in the past, you have the possibility to change it.
A small action is enough to create new opportunities, a different future, among the many possible ones.
Can art have this power?

You can demonstrate this by proposing a light art project for the next edition of our Festival
until the 12:00 AM (+1 GMT) on April 5th 2018


The third edition of the Festival will take place in Rome, in the urban context that best represents the future of our society; a cosmopolitan place made of a mixture of different realities, coexistence between people and where colors and customs are twisted, influencing each other and unconsciously creating a new world.

This is the triangle of land that has its vertices in the pedestrian area of ​​Pigneto, the Alessandrino Aqueduct of Parco Sangalli and Piazza Malatesta; a route of about 4 kilometers that runs along the historic streets, architecture, and landscapes of the neighborhood.

The artistic installations of RGB Light Experience will create a strong union with the environment that hosts them; the work will become part of the district and the neighborhood will participate in the artwork, exalting each other in an exchange that tends to fusion.

Your project proposal can, therefore, be designed for outdoor locations or semi-enclosed spaces positioned along the path of the Festival. Streets and alleys, squares and gardens, galleries, buildings’ facades, courtyards.

Let yourself be inspired and stimulated by the places for the creation of your artwork!

You can discover the RGB route through the Google map and view the photos of some locations selected by the Artistic Direction, collected in two Flickr albums: diurnal photographs e nocturnal photographs.


For the 2018 edition we have set up three sections and a special project:


Light Art, Light Object, Light Design, Ambient Light, Architectural Lighting, Urban Light and Videomapping installations.

“Urbe Light” explores the relationship between art and the urban environment; the section is dedicated to the artworks that will be installed along the route of the Festival.


A painting that uses the technique of Black Light UV, Photography that uses the technique of Light Painting, Light Sculpture, Light Design, Micromapping.

“Light exhibition” is for the artists who make small and medium-sized works. The artworks will be exhibited in a protected space, always within the urban context.


Performance of Light Art and Light Show.

“Light Performance” is the section dedicated to performances in which the dramaturgical aspect predominates compared to the lighting effect. The performances can take place in closed or open spaces.


“3D Irrealtà virtuale” (3D Virtual Unreality) will take place at the Aurora Arena, ex-cinematic arena located in Via di Torpignattara 78. Abandoned for decades, it was reopened to the public for the first time in about 60 years at the last edition of RGB Light Experience. It is a very suggestive setting, where vegetation has taken over. You can view the photographs collected in a Flickr album.

The artistic proposals for the Aurora Arena will concern the world of 3D: 3D projections on screen (visible with passive glasses), Virtual Unreality (visible with VR glasses), 3D installations (visible to the naked eye), 3D Analog Projectors (visible to the naked eye).

The artworks must have an unreal or hyperreal subject.


The only way to participate in the RGB Call is to fill out the form below in all its sections, attaching the required material (technical sheet; budget sheet; floorplans; render, images, videos) .

The application must be received not later than the 12:00 AM (+1 GMT) on April 5th 2018.

After sending the form you will receive an email summary. If you do not receive this email within few minutes check in spam. Otherwise contact us.

For information write to:


For the next edition of the Festival, as the past ones, there are no special requirements for participation, excluding the desire to get involved, apply and experiment.

The call is destined to artists, individuals or in groups, of all ages and nationalities.

It is possible to participate in the selection by presenting one or more projects (an application must be completed for each proposal).

The design proposals must have the light as the main form of expression: light art, light installations, light objects, light environments, light design, architectural lighting, urban light, video mapping, live performances, light shows, projections and 3D installations.

It is preferable to propose an unpublished artwork, but already completed projects may be presented, only if they have never been exhibited in the Municipality of Rome.

The work proposed for the “Urbe Light” section must be site-specific, made specifically for a place located along the route of the Festival or in the immediate proximity.
The proposals concerning the “Light Exhibition” and “Light Performance” sections should indicate a possible location.
If there will be any need, the Artistic Direction reserves the right to relocate the artworks in order to maintain a functional structural organicity to the Festival, clearly respecting the preference indicated by the artist.

The festival will provide the costs of production of the artwork (up to a maximum gross amount of € 5,000.00) and the cost of travel, food and accommodation for the artist. Depending on the available budget, a fee will be granted for participation.


The determined elements for the selection will be:

  • The quality of the artwork, in technical and artistic terms.
  • The socio-cultural value of the artwork, in relation to the territory that will host it.
  • Economic feasibility.
  • For the “Urbe Light” section, the site-specific character of the proposed artwork.

The selection will be at the discretion of the Technical Committee, composed by the organizers of RGB Light Experience.

The results of the CALL FOR ARTISTS will be announced on the official website of the festival ( on May 20th, 2018.

Fill the form to participate

After sending the form you will receive an email summary. If you do not receive this email within few minutes check in spam. Otherwise contact us.