ANDREA Leghissa

Rising Creature

A creature emerges from its slumber, awakened by passers! The installation takes advantage of the characteristics of the environment in which it is positioned, using rebounds of which is formata.Il final design laser, visible in the air is of outstanding effect, and the public will stand face to face with the creature emerging!

Andrea Leghissa worked until the early 2000 as a lighting designer for live shows and major events, boasting collaborations with the most important Italian theatrical realities. Specializing in musicals, from the 2010 He begins to experience lighting solutions for the live show, creating stumenti that allow the light to make a living material,that is the protagonist of the scene. She works at the project from Metrion 2012, in teams with developers of new technologies for lighting, proposing innovative uses for technologies such as laser, led, chemiluminescence and electroluminescence.



The urban performance butterfly is a blink of light coming from the body. Brighten the architecture of the place surrounding the viewer distracted. alternating colors of light, wings that dance between high irregular and fragmented architectures, change the space and creating emotional instability and aesthetics. living forms seem alien, fascinating buildings on the move, leave the viewer an indelible memory, a blink of surreal energy.

ARTIFACTS STILTS born in 1995 in Rome, brainchild of Miriam Abutori scorer of costumes and choreography ideas. One's own idea of ​​dance with strong morals care through different places and distant merging visual art with dance on stilts in a reversal of space and proper theatrical language. For this transversely his performace come to life in theaters as much in clubs.

ARTIFACTS STILTS currently works and works in Italy, Europe is America, in events and in large discos. ARTIFACTS STILTS was host for MTV, Maurizio Costanzo Show, the “Festival Overseas” of Naples,Cosmoprof in Bologna,WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL a Miami, “N.Y BAR IN TOUR 2007” concert with LITFIBA, “Internazionali BNL d'Italy 2012 in Rome.



FARELUCE is a performative intervention conducted with small hand-operated lights. Lightly, walking around. Small events and exchange of light allow a meeting between persons. The tip light: objects, texts, individual details, tattoos of occasion. And the light is kept to illuminate the hollow of the hand, as would a tiny flame or a firefly in a cave. a ierofania. The visual microcosm occupies a single palm proving that turn light a closed internal corresponds to shed light on the entire universe. You can peep inside, approaching the eye.

Artisti§innocenti is a performance group of visual artists and ordinary people. He works from 2007 to several exhibition projects in various contexts, always in direct contact with the public. A§i improvise unnecessarily moral operettas and escaped almost a dozen awards.

Contributors to:
Recreation – Event 36 °- at MLAC – Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art.
TAXES, collective performance for the MAXXI museum – National Museum of XXI Century Arts.
Curtain for the musician Erasmo Treglia at the Garden of the Patriarchs in the Villa dei Quintili within “La Dolce Via – From Dusk At Appia”.
Performano a reopened Cinema Empire for the two editions of Alice in the Marranella.

DAVINO / Spano


Six projectors, six sources of light for illumination of a corner of Pigneto, if you operated become magical six cinemas in miniature. From inside them comes a light that tells a story of lost portraits.

"Thirty-six photographs, along with three playing cards, respectively three, seven eight flower, They were found by Daniele Spanò day 15 January 2015 (…).The photographs always portray the same subject, a woman between thirty and age forty-five ... Who are you? What is its history? Who is the photographer who portrays? (…) the desire is to return this precious material to its rightful owner in exchange for the story of the history of the person portrayed and the creation of works of art with the material found with the aim to bring to life again the finds so to create a new "story", a new present to found objects. "We will tell the story of Madame X through the use of historical projectors, who would tell their stories of other eras lights, long journeys, of forgotten stages and still trodden by great actresses. Projectors that if they could talk would tell stories of the first actors, innovative filmmakers but also the stories of the technicians who have lit them, bulleted, transported. Stories about cinema, fashionable, theater, living. This time we tell the story of Madame X and the mysterious discovery by Daniel Spano, from which the idea of ​​the blog Who is She. The union between the photographic and projection of an earlier era who find a new life in bizarre and innovative ways did the project "Polaroad", designed specifically as lighting experimentation in light of RGB Outdoor festival.Un way to use forms of light playing with the technical possibilities and the fun that I feel every time when space for my little hobby: the "restoration" of old projectors on the verge of scrapping. From an old Fresnel lens can produce a piece of furniture, a point light, a table or other. This time they were born six projectors LED light that, when operated, became six projectors that help us imagine and rebuild possible lives of Madame X.

Daniele Davino, light designer and technical consultant. In this case between her games, the lights.

Daniel Spano (Roma 1979) After a set designer training, He begins work as a director and visual artist. His video installations, commissioned by institutions and private, They take him to the most beautiful squares in Italy. Among the most important measures, in 2013 “Act One” Piazza del Popolo in Rome, “Forgetful” in 2010 Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, and “permanent Refractions” of the 2011 Piazza Colonna, also in Rome, promoted by the Prime, Ministry of Tourism and MiBAC. In February 2011 He is selected by the famous director and artist Takeshi Kitano, to represent the artistic ferment of the city of Rome. Since 2009 He worked as a set designer with the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, It is in the 2014 He was assistant director for "Carmen" for the opening of the summer season of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma ". Since 2012 She is artistic consultant for the Foundation Romaeuropa.Tra last collaborations, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Andrea Baracco, Brinchi Luca and Roberta Zanardo (Santasangre), Veronica Cruciani.



Arcobalenide> A place to demonstrate that there is a rainbow in each of us, do not you see it, but if you keep your shadow will appear.

URBAN SHADOWS is a performative installation project that takes advantage of existing urban light and the shadows it produces with the objects it encounters. The shadows will be "captured" by wooden panels painted white, These panels will become the shadow square and the audience will have fun create your own with your own body. SHADOWS URBAN wants a symbol that the public lighting light can create emotions and images of shadows. Participation is open to all.

VACUUM is an installation that recreates a bright room in an urban space. A transparent stretch film wrap the four trees found in Via del Pigneto, corner of Via Gattamelata, creating a room that isolates from all the rest. A break for the walk and not just, a time to be isolated under a roof of leaves and with plastic walls illuminated by neon, a man-made and natural environment at the same time. A place for those who want to hide, but also for those, sitting on the bench outside, you want to enjoy watching the shadows reflected on walls. A game between the show and watch.

Taken always a thousand work and family commitments, Their work history can be summed up thus:
After scientific studies in high school and the Faculty of Geology, where does not the exams and become a conscientious objector, in 1993 part for a course for theatrical figures and follows the course of technical light and light designer in Treviso. Back in Rome he breaks his back at a historic service in the capital, ART SOUND, where for 5 years has the opportunity to set up shows, exhibitions, convention, events, shows and inaugurations. See what I want to do, in 1995 enters the Giorgio Barberio Corsetti company, where she remains until the 2000 as lighting technician, in that year he was contacted by the Academy of the Artifacts to remain until the 2013 as a lighting designer and responsible preparations.
In 2008 based LIGHTS SHADOWS and carries out work on behalf of Enel Contemporanea 2008/2009 and collaborates with some Roman and Milanese communications agencies.
In 2013 The idea RADIOLASER project in Via dei Fori Imperiali during the New Year holiday 2014 City of Rome.
In 2014 begins to think of the first edition of a festival on the light to be held in March 2015 in Rome, RGB Outdoor Light Festival.

GABRIELA Procházkova


This delicate, fragile magical creature you can lose during the day but not at night. When it shines gently reminds us of the deep sea bioluminescence.
It hides in the various sources of water. It is said that this spring is about to appear somewhere in Rome!

Gabriela Prochazkova (born 1990) currently studies graphic design at Faculty of Arts and Design in Czech Republic. While she was taking a part at the Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem, she started to experiment with painting. Afterwards, during her studies in Paris, France, she concentrated on new media. Recently she is more and more fascinated by experimenting in working with a light and new lighting technologies. Simulating new life forms, underwater light scupltures and especially ways of interaction between her artificially created underwater light creatures and natural species, their reactions to various light signals. So far, her most famous project is called “Kraken” – a light underwater floating creature made for Signal Festival of lights in Prague, autumn 2014. Her current work is ”Jellyfish” for RGB Light Festival, in Rome, Italy march 2015.

gina dances


Lightology is an idea of ​​artistic lighting that responds to a desire for color in urban areas.

Lightwriting >

Solve the anagram: anraorodpatiaelecdniataaiatanc

Gina Balla alias Raffaella Vitiello worked for over 15 years as a lighting technician in the fantastic world of entertainment.


Suspended Candle

A lighted candle gravity in midair in a dark shop. The candle will always be kept alight.

It is from 2007.

He born half a century ago in Rome and died a few years ago, not crossed the buongrado the street for no reason. He is dedicated today by the lefty major arts with the left hand alone. Among its finished projects: “The White Match (football match equal)”, a night game between two teams dressed in white, edited by ViaIndustriae, Foligno Stadium 2010, in indoor version, for Reload, Roma 2011. Materials related to its sports projects were displayed in the exhibition football themed curated by Cecilia Casorati and Anna Cestelli Guidi Auditorium Parco della Musica in 2014. He recovered numerous wrappers Neapolitan butcher shops for the exhibition Carnibali (to do away with the meat cutters), Gallerati Gallery, Roma 2012. He took part for two seasons at the contemporary art festival Seminaria Maranola. In the church of Santa Maria del Pozzo in Spoleto he has carried out the action The resurfacing of the True Cross, improrpio homage to Piero della Francesca. E 'was editor of AIR, magazine of artists. Care Award City Ethics (in the year two thousand and…), Retina Prize for the visual arts and, sul sito Art A Part of Culture, The address book shows that not've Seen (with texts by visual artists). Soon its conception in Rome a conference: Chryselephantine - Archive talked about impossible works.
The best things, holds, We are inventing the know.


Naked Lights

Short videos work, in loop. Open flames (English 'bare') They are represented by a choreography of moving fingers. At large fire corresponds to audio of a crackling fire. The flame is toto action discovery, danger. physical action, vitale. The creative fire is openly origin of all possible contemporary and Technology. Video b / n is a filtered review in Red video produced by the storage group for the event of last summer's art, Maniphesta RomaBruciaAncora.

(Inventory Group does not resume because you should have only a comparison and on the festival work)



Situated on the bridge of Via del Pigneto, is a structured intervention in two actions, face to accompany the dell'attraversamento experience the same from one point to another, and to emphasize the possibility of a stop, unusual in the everyday life of the city. white panels on containment networks and a suspended roof of cotton threads that will appear interrupted, as a language morse bright.

My fear is Bianca is a project that identifies and exorcises fears and anxieties of two girls, creating suggestions through the middle of the photograph, improved and enhanced by the writing and fixed by the presence of light. Born in September 2012, carves out a space between the multitude of images proposed by Tumblr blog platform with variable frequency, to follow the personal life events to tell. My fear is Bianca is Eleonora and Martina.



3D Light Sculpture> A shower of light is reflected on a crinkled sheet, dynamic and in motion, to create a three-dimensional projection. The power of a refined lightness, transforms matter in animated creative project, that stimulates imaginary dream. The design translates fantasy into reality thrilling experience. 3D Light Sculture: an object that illuminates, a light that furnishes, a work of art to look at, a starting point to reflect, a scenario in which plunge.

Organic> A magnetic sphere rotates under the reflecting surface giving life to organic frescoes giving us a growing emotionality. vital voltage to the lightness, the essentiality and purity. Synthesis of nature and artifice, until an ultra light material so as to obtain greater sensitivity is the true protagonista.Ho used, a magnetic ball along its path under the reflective surface creating almost organic explosions.

Polaris rotating> For Laurent, space is a cornerstone of the creative project, matter which communicates with a polycarbonate sheet molded iridescent that r iflette the light and projects it on the wall. An aesthetic not static, where the hand of man can intervene playing with a flexible arm to get hundreds of different shapes and colors, abstract images from the great poetic value

Fort Laurent was born in Nantes in 1972. Today he lives and works in a farmhouse in Cremona, in perfect harmony with the natural environment. From a young age has always been interested in artistic expression in all its many applications: from audiovisual engineering Sound, from antiques to design. The multifaceted experience and apprenticeship in various fields inspire him to create a personal and distinctive style, a clever mix where the manual becomes demiurge instinct for contemporary creations high narrative power: furnishing objects 'vital' . His works express themselves in an unusual balance between nature and artifice. The craftsmanship and meticulous attention to the materials are his strong point. lead, silicone, wood, plastic, Gold and silver leaf, complementary and contradictory materials meet to donate unusual material perceptions.


Transparencies Speeches

SPEECHES TRANSPARENCY is bright site specific interactive installation based on highlighting the urban center of an environment such as the "square", where the ancient practice of the meeting is combined with the aesthetic path determined by the lights. In the courtyard of a building will be placed in a circle 5 chairs playing with them the architecture of the place. Each chair will be paired with a point of the considered significant architectural space, constantly illuminated by a basic RGB lighthouse with white light. The public can sit and use the chair as a regular meeting place. Through a camera, connected to a system interactively controlled by a card Raspberry, We'll monitor the color of the clothes of the people who sit and consequently the environmental point on the single chair will be illuminated in the color of the person sitting. In this way the people, their meeting and humanity will affect the appearance of the square, like flu metaphor for relations between people, though often be forgotten, the urban fabric in which are held.

Musician, body performer, poet, interactive artist, maker. Search silence as a gift Sound. His research aims to deepen, through technology, the uncertain and interactive processes, as metaphors of human paths, focusing on the specificity of places and contexts in which art takes shape.



Memory> The Video Mapping in question proposes a video projection on the facade of a building in Piazza Copernico. The video will be screened wants to represent the memories of the building through the silhouettes representing ideologically all the people who passed continually in that square. The colors are black and white in almost any video like an old movie that then at the end of the memory crumbles like a burned film. The video mapping is focused to enhance the memories of the neighborhood not using the facade of 'building as a screen but as if the building itself was remembering as in a dream and we we were participating in the dream itself.

Mosaic> The installation features a mosaic of lights, where each tile passes through the light from the underlying LED, always creating different effects due to the diversification of a tile and another, transparent, printed and opaque.
The mosaic presents abstract, but in fact it represents the neighborhood where will be held the installation from 'high, marking the path that the public will have to travel.
The mosaic with all its vibrations also wants to represent the district in the immediate context of the event, from an abandoned suburban neighborhood with a rich vibrations in a district so that only light can do.

Born in 1992, He graduated from the Institute Of Art Rome 2 (2011) Decoration in the section Pictorial, where he bought a variety of capacities in the applied arts, as Mosaic Stained glass window and Fresco, participating in two major projects which included the creation of mosaics on a large scale outside the places of Rome's subway, Rebibbia and Santa Maria del Soccorso (MB). He graduated in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (2014) he won a scholarship to study at the prestigious Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste Munchen where he discovers and learns the media scene. The thesis is on the virtual set, developed with its own speaker Fabrizio Crisafulli. It carries out numerous activities in the field of stage design as assistant designer for the Theater of Rome and for other companies, Meanwhile cultivating a passion for stage lighting. He attended a course of specializzione Lazio region where it also has the opportunity to work in important productions, as lighting technician.



light installation which proposes different forms of illuminating an urban space, putting at disposal of visitors and inhabitants of the district the opportunity to choose what they want to or not illuminate and to what degree. It will allow them to change lighting scenes in a simple way, with an intuitive interface of switches and dimmers that control different elements. It will be a light installation "layered": different ignition groups remember and reproduce various aspects of an urban corner. Turning on and off or by varying the intensity of each of them, you can highlight one of these aspects, or create new suggestions:
1. The original function: water transport. Effects of light create a feeling "liquid" on the aqueduct alessandrino facade on the side of the park.
2. A recent past: a house. A light bulb recalls how the "gaps" have been aqueduct accommodation for many people until the 60.
3. Historical memory: the architectural heritage builds local identity, the light enhances the constructed value.
4. A public space: the park. functional area and aggregation that had been lacking for a long time to the neighborhood; the light highlights the vegetation.
Be preceded by installing a workshop open also to local residents.
The workshop format + installation allows you to go deeper and to increase the scope of the initiative, developing a greater awareness in society against urban lighting. The installation will have architectural character, taking into account, however, its ephemeral aspect, to understand in an immersive as an urban place can change the look and feel of use with a different lighting.
It is about giving a social content to the project, using light as an activator element and dynamizer of urban spaces.

Lupercales is a collective project born in 2012 the union of three independent lighting designers: Alberto Barbera, Irene and Paul Bas Portaluri, to which was added in 2013 the architectural photographer Alvaro Valdecantos. It is an empirical program that combines activism, education and direct action in urban areas, using lighting as a tool to put questione.I production processes and urban planning, revalue spaces into disuse or with special criticality, create more livable cities. The goal is to promote an ergonomic lighting design, oriented to the perception of the inhabitants, the identity of the place and to develop a user-centered approach in the social context of the project. Try to involve the local community in the project, to develop a critical sense and the instruments of participation among citizens.


Vanishing Point

Our installation for RGB is a site-specific project. In designing we broke influence from space that welcomes our work. The outer walls of the former Empire Cinema, one of the many cultural spaces in the city closed as is happening more and more often in this period, come to life. We chose to dialogue with the neighborhood by opening a gash imagery, showing a lively place, Dynamic and inhabited by people. With this experience the absence of the screen in the theater of shadows and project onto architectural elements.

Who we are
We are a group of artists of the scene, scenografi e light designer. We met on the stage of the Teatro Valle, where we spent the last three years under occupation. During the years of political and artistic activism we have been privileged to deal and work with hundreds of contemporary artists, Italian and European. Through the generosity of many teachers have had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge in the fields of theater technician. Together, we have designed and implemented, tens of fittings, exhibitions and site specific installations in the Teatro Valle. In the last year we have created, It designed and built the sets and special effects de “Slaughter of Job” Fausto Paravidino, produced by the Fondazione Teatro Valle Common Good.

What do we do
Trials from shadow theater.
In the era of Kinekt and the revival of 3D movies, We seek stylistic and artistic innovation by revisiting an analog technique such as theater d’ shadow. We are fascinated by the ancient decline in contemporary shapes, without the use of advanced technologies. We are trying to disrupt the basic elements of theater d’ shadow. The first experiment in this field, It is realized by Marco in Guarrera 2010 with "Life of Galileo" by Brecht: theater show d’ Traditional shadows but with a research focused on the creation of three-dimensional effect scenarios.


Open House

In a way very atypical and heterogeneous, kebabbaro where the pizzeria and deliver products with one of the Italian scooter (poetic license), where light and urban night flattens everything imbruttisce, there is a setting for Heaven. We open (or close…?) a “home”, to show to all possible buyers what is Heaven from here.

Born in Brescia in 1984, After scientific studies and later architecture at the Politecnico di Mila no, lands in Laba, Academy of Fine Arts, He graduated in Set Design. Always scholar of Light, in all his works installative and more purely theatrical and linked to events, dedicating primary importance to the light source, creating new ways to interpret the illumination and at the same time the absence of the same, coming to create lighting to achieve the goal ricercato.Illuminotecnico for several theater companies and various contractors, do not forget the years of studiartistici creating spectacular site-specific installations both of matter that bright.



Urban sign and dreams> live painting: Manuel De Carli
video live: Operating margin

The urban space where you place the performance, with a thousand stories that cross, becomes the character of stories drawn by cartoonist Manuel De Carli. The performance of live painting plays with reality and fantasy, urban space and its inhabitants. The works are taken in their “become” as you create them, and the performance of Manuel De Carli and his designs are handled by a videomaker and relayed transformed the facade of a palace. A hybrid performance that moves the boundaries between different artistic codes to interface with a multiple district.

Torpignatown> A work created for the RGB project by Margine Operativo on the multi-ethnic neighborhood of Torpignattara. A video depicting the urban landscape and human Torpignattara-in following written on its walls, tracks and signs subway art.

Operating Margin is a multidisciplinary art project. His fields of activity are the theater, performing arts and video. From the beginning of his career has had a multifaceted nature that led him to act on several fronts of artistic creation: production of theatrical and performative formats in the balance between different artistic codes, Research on video language that ranges from documentaries to TV formats, remixes of films to live visuals September. In his DNA registered he brings the belief that 'art is a device that can create change and propensity to create connections with other projects / and groups with cultural activism spaces. These features have outlined another area of ​​the Cultural Action Operating Margin: the design and the 'organization of events and festivals Multiple crossings that the annual concadenza 2001, questions about relationships and interferences between contemporary artistic languages ​​and present. Operating Margin is among the promoters of C.Re.S.CO Coordination of Realities of Contemporary Scene. Pako Graziani and Alessandra Ferraro take care of the artistic direction of Operating Margin.

Manuel De Carli, born in Trento in 1970, from the 1996 collaborates with comic magazines. Among the publications outputs:
Fortress Europe - Stories of walls and migrants (Rabbit, 2006), Resistors - chronicles daily diribellione (BeccoGiallo, 2007), ZeroTolleranza - Images that produce actions (Yellow Beak, 2008) e Global Warming, 28 unpublished comics against global warming (NdA Press, 2010). It is part of the collective Comics partisans, an exhibition of comics dedicated to partisan Resistance (House of Memory and History of Rome,2009). E 'author of comic Underwear Sewing (Center Comics Andrea Pazienza, 2007).Drew Thyssenkrupp, Deaths Special S.p.A.. (BeccoGiallo, 2009) and Carlo Giuliani - The rebel of Genoa on texts by Baro (BeccoGiallo, 2011, The bare Reds 2013). He worked for Bompiani, The poster, Paper and New Ecology and was illustrator / cartoonist for the isoladeicassintegrati.com site. He has participated in exhibitions, festival, national events related to comics.



Cloudscapes is an interactive installation, an attempt to play a natural phenomenon through the interaction of lights, sounds and modular structures in a public space. The pelting rain, the thunder and flashes of lightning are reproduced virtually to evoke the sensations that natural phenomena unleashed when they encounter human habitat. What we feel when we are in the rain? To hear only the sound, provokes in us the same feelings of real experience? What happens if a cloud decides to stop in the middle of a square? His thunder will bring passers?We want to reformulate the concept of the cloud as a natural experiment and its virtual form factor, because we believe that the perception of the elements as real depends from sensory stimuli. A cloud “natural” It will always be as natural as always a cognitive construct. Therefore we propose a fake cloud, which presents physical and sensory characteristics Element or natural. Cloudscapes will be positioned on an urban passage, its appearance will be that of a geometric cloud composed of a set of semi-transparent solids made of polypropylene. A proximity sensor track the movements around the installazione.Quando people pass close to it, the cloud lights up suddenly as a flash, outputting the sound of the rain and thunder through a series of light and sound altoparlanti.La, the first coming from a pair of RGB DMX projectors and the second from an MP3 player, are both coordinated by the micro-controller Arduino. By creating this type of synthetic cloud, we want to observe people's reactions,thus providing new interpretations of a familiar element. We want to celebrate so light in the city, with a cloud that thunders and roars, but at the same time it creates a potentially habitable shelter from all.

Artemis Papageorgiou and Gabriella Mastrangelo have met in London in 2010, working together at Studio Cinimod; Artemis is an interaction designer and multimedia artist with an architect; Gabriella is an interior designer with interests ranging from lighting design and digital fabrication. After 2010 They have returned to their countries of origin, Greece and Italy to carry out personal research paths. Artemis ha co-fondato Athens Plaython, a street-festival that transforms the city of Athens in a large urban playing field and is founder of Entropika, a research laboratory interaction design and architecture;Gabriella instead co-founded Make People Do Lab, an association that deals with cultural events and educational workshops on design and craftsmanship, and “Bling Bling – Paper Architectures” a research on the possibilities of the paper as a construction material. Their passion for architecture, il making, Participatory Design, interaction and teaching it became part of a new partnership and 2014 They began working in team.Il their most recent project “Paper Playscapes”, a commission of Victoria & Albert Museum Digital Programmes, an evolving project and is expanding into cultural centers, festivals and design workshop.



K-light is a light installation mainly based on the concept of constant motion (k) in which lamps, thanks to the steel arm which rotates through a scooter and steel cables, create a continuous vertical movement. The motion of light is reflected by the underlying body of water to create antiflatulent of symbiosis and depth. The light installation symbolizes the flow of life, that inexorably between high and low flows in its stream of continuity’ till death.

Matthew Boscarato, classroom 87, quantity surveyor, an artist, designer and music composer.
He works and lives between London, Rome and Padua in constant search for open minds, to share his ideas and sometimes even life projects. He believes in simplicity and improvisation as a source of inspiration.



A concert for image buttons, frames without narrative development, in a timeless soundscape evading contextual references where sound is matter, vibration perceptible.

The Company was founded in OpenLab 1991 the meeting Laura Colombo, performer and Luca Follin architect and designer. Using a theatrical language that borders between installation and theater-dance, their performances create, starting from the dark potential, a landscape where the real vision is continually confused and destabilized optical illusion.
The musical score is the first source of inspiration. The acoustic space has a fundamental importance in the concert for buttons images, frames without narrative development, in a timeless soundscape evading contextual references where sound is matter,vibration perceptible.


The sun conews

The called and cursed sun dall'Edipo the outskirts of Elsa Morante back to light the roofs of Rome, breaking through the walls of the theaters for which it was envisioned. A diameter 2,5metri disk entirely covered with light-emitting diodes sets (or rises) Pigneto.

Lighting designer and director of photography, It comes from a thirty-year participation in play companies and film False Movement and United Theaters, which he founded in Naples together with the directors Mario Martone and Toni Servillo in 1979 It is in the 1986.
Among his most important directions of film photography, they remember: The verifier (1995) Stefano Incerti (David di Donatello debut), The turkish bath (1996), HaremSuare (1998 - Golden Globe to FotoGrafia-) and The Ignorant Fairies (2001) Ferzan Ozpetek, Theater of War (1999) Mario Martone, Placido Rizzotto (2000 Sacher d'Oro to photography) Pasquale Scimeca, Man Up (2001) Paolo Sorrentino, The Betrothed (2002) and Lessons of Flight (2006) Francesca Archibugi and The Religion Hour (presented at Cannes in 2002), Good morning, night (in Venice in 2005) and The Wedding Director (even at Cannes in 2006) Marco Bellocchio, prize, the latter with the Golden Globe and the Ciak d'Oro 2006 Best Cinematography.
He signed the photography of the film Gorbaciof, Incerti directed by and starring Toni Servillo, which it was presented at the exhibition Venice Film Festival and nominated for a Golden Globe for the photograph of 2011.



The night brings, input to another dimension. Pressing down through a video projection will overlap with an existing real element generating a shadow that will become an integral part of the same. The result will be an alteration of reality, evocative and exciting, able to accompany towards that dimension, comparable to the dream, that darkness seems to hide.

The Q2 Visual ( Alessio Mangiavacchi, Irene Biga and Emanuele Bizzarri ) was born in 2008 a passion for visual art and vjing. The results of Q2 set is characterized by 2D animations, motion graphic, mapping, games of geometries and continuous research and testing of new structures and materials, all managed through the use of software designed for video mixing and compositing. Currently they are collaborating with the association ArtQ: founder and organizer of ALTERATIONS visual arts festival, music and performing. Editing video, realization spot, teaser.


Stream of life

The work aims to represent, through visualization of different colored water flows, the migratory movements of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin in a given time window. The architectural features of the building used should allow to create "nodes" of interaction between the various streams that in their flow cross of the balconies "Crusades" or windows "Holocaust" or will collide against the columns "World Wars" mingling between them and generating new flows. Altogether the result will appear as a continuous multidirectional and balanced movement of fluids over the entire facade of the building so as to eliminate the beginning and the end of the same flows

Simone Palma is active in the field of multimedia 2001 with various artistic experiences in the theater and performative. It concentrates its research in the creation of digital sets and exploring ways of dialogue between man and machine in the context of a performance. The first experiments set up in conjunction with the company's footprint Fluens (Flatland in 2002, One is two: 1° study for the Don Quixote in 2003) Theatrical performances are accompanied by digital sets that surround the actors up to immerse them in an abstract and dynamic company. The next job, Nijinsky: mysticism and madness of excess body (2003), even in conjunction with the company's footprint Fluens, marks the beginning of collaboration with Butoh dancer Alessandro Pintus. The digital scene is like another performer, out of the two-dimensional projection and becomes a party of body dancer. In 2005 Neumax founded the group with Luca and Mirko Bruner Tontodonati with the goal of bringing real-time images in their spaces of live music. Through the study of site-specific installations and production of original visual material Neumax becomes visual partner of electronic duo Lanzi / Sodano, the band's avant-jazz El Topo and other musicians of the Roman arena. In project-tribute to Piero Umiliani vibraphonist Andrea Biondi, The usual unknown (2007), Neumax retraces the places of Monicelli's masterpiece bringing in the Rome of our time. In parallel with the continued research in the field of digital scenography and together with Alessandro Pintus and Gerardo Greek gives life to the project V.I.T.R.I.O.L., blend of dance, music and videos in the show It is not sedes, present at the Roman Notte Bianca, edition 2007 and exhibition of glass Theaters in May 2008 at the Palladium Theater in Rome. In September 2008 What makes a video we said? in collaboration with the sculptor Lorenzo Zanetti Polzi. In May 2009 collaborates to the show Bugimirò of NONCompany hosted in Review LTZ - glass Theaters at the Palladium Theater in Rome. Since 2011 It is the active component of the musical project Jabu Groove along with percussionist Mauro of Alexander and the multi-instrumentalist Ivan Radicioni. Since 2014 It is involved in the realization of the show Citizen X of the Cultural House of Locust. More at the 2014 cooperates with the acoustic ensemble The Cardamom about staging their live set. In parallel artistic activity, deals with the 2001 of visualization services and three-dimensional animation for several Roman architectural firms and independent video productions.



For RGB studioAIRA Festival will bring the project “Emphasize”, or of creatures intrusive and irreverent that arise from light but found in the darkest corners of its natural habitat and refuge. A testing ground becomes study and challenge on the concept and the set-up of characters, animation, explosive use of color and interactivity.

StudioAIRA is a factory specializing in the production of motion graphics and visual effects. Illusion, trompe l 'oeil and 3D animation are the matrices on which rests our imagination; and it is this world that allows us to move with extreme ease and agility from the handicraft production of polygonal scenes development of creatures setup and their animation in a 3D universe. Our experience and perseverance has led us to have in our portfolio realizations for large brands and acollaborare with some of the major Italian communications agencies.



200 Cubi> Light installation composed of 200 new cubes made of paper from primary school pupils Carlo Pisacane in Rome in collaboration with students at La Sapienza University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Luminescence> Old light bulbs come back to life thanks to luminescence, a surreal landscape in an urban crevice

MADEINCHINA> is an ephemeral urban lighting project that wants to use as a light source, bright objects to batteries manufactured in China. A symbol of unity and hope to open between the two peoples.

Reflection Mirror exploits the existing public lighting to illuminate the murals present in the area through which the mirrors will be placed on the lampposts in order to divert the light emitting. This installation is scheduled for murals ETAM. The mirrors are mounted on satellite dishes into disuse or using the concave side of which it serves to converge the light or the convex side which serves to diverge the light beam depending on whether you want to create a more or less concentrated light. The installation does show that without any power consumption can illuminate other areas close to the light source with a considerable saving of energy and economic resources.